How Hallmark Star Ashley Williams' Dog Alma Became Her Fur-Ever Friend

Long-time fans of Ashley Williams will likely know that the fan-favorite Hallmark actor is a verified dog lover. In addition to having her fair share of furry friends in the past, the actor has been a vocal advocate of the Best Friends Animal Society, promoting the organization's adoption events and encouraging donations to their causes.

While she's also taken on foster dogs through the organization, Williams showed her support in November 2023 with an unexpected adoption of her own. "Secret is out!! I'm so proud to announce my foster fail!" The Hallmark star wrote in an Instagram caption. "This weekend at the @bfas_la #superadoption our family officially welcomed Alma into our home forever!"

Alma, who resembles a lightly-colored German Shepherd, originally joined the family as a foster animal in October 2023. If you're unfamiliar, pet fostering is when a family provides a temporary home to an animal instead of a permanent adoption. It seems that the Williams family, which includes Ashley, her husband Neal Dodson, and their two sons, simply couldn't bear to part from their new furry friend.

Williams shared her foster-turned-adoptee story on Instagram

The story of Ashley Williams' new fur-ever friend began in October of 2023 when the Hallmark star shared photos of Alma on Instagram. "We are fostering this absolute wonder of a dog who for years has clearly been used for breeding but is now finally able to rest in our house," Williams captioned the snapshots. "The belly rubs go on and on and on and my boys are in heaven."

Alma made another appearance on Williams' social media page in early November when the actor promoted a Best Friends Animal Society adoption event in LA on Instagram Live. At the time, the pup was still supposed to be a foster animal, but she appeared right at home among the Williams family. Following the weekend adoption event, the Hallmark star returned to Instagram to announce that they had permanently added Alma to the family, mentioning how much the dog has opened up since moving into the household.

"This lady has had a long road and was quiet and slept a lot the first week she was with us — the shelter said she'd been exhibiting signs of depression," Williams said. "She has fully come to life now and we take long hikes together and cuddle for hours. She's so gentle with my rowdy boys and we couldn't love her more." The "Two Tickets to Paradise" actor also took the opportunity to shout out Best Friends Animal Society, mentioning that they had waived adoption fees for pets more than five years old.

The Hallmark star annually celebrates a past fur friend

Though Ashley Williams welcomed a new rescue animal into her family in November 2023, this isn't the first time that the Hallmark star decided to adopt instead of shop. In fact, long-time followers of the actor will know that she often takes to Instagram to pay tribute to a late furry friend and shouts out Best Friends Animal Society in their honor.

"Our sweet Chi," Williams captioned a collection of Instagram photos in 2018. "This year marks four years since she passed away and I STILL burst into tears when I pass a dog that looks like her. She was my magical luck dragon." The Hallmark star went on to add that each year her family celebrates "Chi Day" by participating in some of the pup's favorite pastimes, including cuddling up and chowing down.

However, her ongoing support to other rescue animals might be the most heartwarming way she honors her fur-ever friend. "Tomorrow I'll be continuing to celebrate Chi and other rescue dogs like her with @bestfriendsanimalsociety," she said, shouting out a New York adoption event. While nobody will ever take the place of rescue dogs that Williams has loved in the past, we're happy to see her add a new friend to the family.