Brooke Shields Lives A Lavish Life

Ever since she shot to fame as a teenage sex symbol in the '80s, Brooke Shields has been a household name. But although much-discussed roles in "Pretty Baby," "Blue Lagoon," and "Endless Love" brought her fame, finding stardom at such a young age wasn't easy, as Shields has experienced some tragedy in her life. She reveals the dark side of her story in the 2023 Hulu documentary "Pretty Baby." 

Despite a childhood filled with the toxicity of Hollywood and a complicated relationship with her overbearing mother which she details in her memoir, "There Was a Little Girl," Shields has built a happy life as an adult. In more recent years, she has starred in projects including "Jane the Virgin" and Netflix's "A Castle for Christmas." Shields has also worked as a producer and, in 2022, even launched her own online platform, The Beginning Is Now.

These days, Shields lives a pretty spectacular life. She and husband Chris Henchy reside in a stunning home in New York's West Village. She also has a luxurious getaway in the Hamptons and jets off on a few relaxing vacations each year. We have to say: We're just a little jealous! Here's a little peek inside the lavish lifestyle of Brooke Shields.

Brooke Shields takes time to unwind – luxuriously

Brooke Shields might work hard, but she also takes her downtime seriously. In fact, Shields seems to have a fondness for a day at the spa. Way back in 1983, Shields was photographed at a spa in Florida while on vacation. Since then, she's continued visiting spas when she needs a break.

When Vogue asked her what the perfect gift for a mother would be, she replied that a "relaxing spa day" can be the perfect option. And, in 2023, Shields visited a spa herself with her daughter. "It's #internationalselfcareday and I've been told this video is 'peak self care vibes,'" the actor wrote on Instagram. In the video, the pair can be seen sipping on some kind of cocktail with their hair wrapped up in towels. 

Shields once explained that her favorite spas are Korean spas. "I love getting baths and going to the Korean spas and getting pummelled and scrubbed, and it's so hot in the sauna you can't even stand it. I have to do things in a pretty extreme way to calm down," she said. Sounds like Shields knows exactly how to unwind.

Brooke Shields sold her home for $7 million

In 2022, Brooke Shields sold a property in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. The property listing gave us a peek inside her luxurious lifestyle in her former "rustic, chalet-style" home. 

According to the New York Post, Shields had owned the 5,300 square-foot home since 1989. It features five bedrooms and stunning mountain views. The images show a spacious open plan living area with massive windows overlooking the canyon and a wraparound porch with outdoor seating. The house also includes a large kitchen with a marble-top island, dining room with grand piano, movie room, wet bar, and office. The backyard also features a sauna, pool, and spa. The luxurious property sold for a staggering $7.4 million to actor Sam Page.

In February 2022, Shields took to Instagram to say goodbye to the home. "We've been packing up my LA home and I've been taking the time to say goodbye to the nooks and details I'll miss the most...including this swing spot where we hung this mosaic by @jogartin from our wedding," she wrote. Just looking at the pictures of the property, it's evident that Shields lived lavishly in this home for years.

Brooke Shields has a gorgeous property in the Hamptons

Brooke Shields may have sold her Los Angeles home in 2022, but she still has a few gorgeous properties. Her vacation home in the Hamptons is one such example. The actor bought the home for $4.3 million in 2013. "I always like just a touch of Hollywood glamour," she told Better Homes & Gardens (via Page Six), adding that she had been inspired to design the home around her mother's old furniture. "I wanted photographs on the walls! I wanted whitewashed floors," she recalled. Pictures of the property show she more than pulled off the clean, glamorous aesthetic she had in mind.

The home features six bedrooms, library, media room, heated pool, pool house, and kitchen that opens via French doors onto a terrace. The only thing the house is missing is a beachfront view — but based on what we've seen, Shields isn't missing much. "We were there for about seven months during lockdown and it is our happy place, where we get away from the bustle of the city," she said of the property when speaking with Condé Nast Traveller. "It's an absolute luxury that I never thought I would be able to have."

She now lives in a stunning West Village house

Brooke Shields' permanent home is in the West Village of New York City — and, as you'd expect, the house is utterly gorgeous. As Shields explained to The New York Times, she and her mother used to live on the Upper East Side, but her first husband, Andre Agassi, had convinced her to sell the property. Eventually, Shields and her second husband, Chris Henchy, moved into a New York loft before upsizing to the West Village place in 2008. 

The property is of the Greek revival era. "We tried to keep as much of the floors and the stairs as we could," Shields told The Times. "The coffin corner was huge for me, because it was original to the house." Shields showed off the property in a tour for Architectural Digest. It features dark hardwood floors and historic features along with plenty of impressive artwork, including Asian porcelain, antique Italian tables, and pieces by Keith Haring. "Our shared ideal was the sort of confident old house that has been lived in for generations," designer David Flint Wood commented to Architectural Digest of the home — we can only imagine how stunning it must be in person!

Brooke Shields has vacationed in some fabulous locations over the years

Although Brooke Shields works hard, she also makes sure to take time for herself. Each year, she embarks on several vacations to unwind. In 2023, for instance, she shared a post from her time in Thailand — the image saw the actor sipping on champagne on a boat, soaking up the sun. Later that year, Shields shared additional photos, this time, from the Amalfi Coast in Italy. In 2019, Shields vacationed in Puerto Rico, sharing a post of herself in a blue bikini on the beach. Then, in 2017, Shields posted yet another holiday snap on a beach.

So, how does she get to all of these stunning locations? Well, based on a 1984 UPI article, it seems that Shields sometimes travels by private jet.

In an interview with Condé Nast Traveller, Shields opened up about some of the nicest hotels she's stayed in over the years — they include the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cannes, France, and Dromoland Castle in Ireland. Not too shabby if you ask us!

Brooke Shields has a seriously stunning wardrobe

You won't be surprised to learn that Brooke Shields also has a very nice wardrobe, but you may be suprised to learn that it took her years to define her own style. "My style has been absolutely all over the place because, as a model, you just spend your time making other people's designs what they want them to look like," she told Fashionista. "You don't necessarily cultivate your own style and it wasn't really until recently that I just started saying, 'you know, that's not me.'" Her sense of style is similar to former First Lady Jackie Onassis or Princess Diana — classic and chic. Additionally, she told the outlet that her favorite brands include Chanel, Victoria Beckham, and Celine.

As you would guess, her wardrobe is also filled with fashion treasures from her years as a model. "I have a bunch of archive items that I finally am just taking out of my closet and putting in a separate place," she told the publication. "I've now just started to absolutely get rid of things if it doesn't have an extreme sentimental value or a piece of fashion history, like Calvin Klein jeans or something that Valentino gave me in the '80s. If it doesn't have one of those qualities, I will just sell it." We can only dream of what the inside of her closet must look like!

Baths are a major part of Brooke Shields' routine

For Brooke Shields, having a routine is something of a luxury. "Just the word 'routine' would make me happy," she told Bustle of her hectic life. However, when Shields does try to stick to a routine, it always begins with a bath.  

"I would say that I started taking baths when I [was recently filming a movie] in Scotland. I [was surprised] that if you take the right kind of bath, it's invigorating but relaxing at the same time," said the actor. "I don't start the day as stressed. I like having my tea, reading my newspaper, and being up before the craziness of the house starts."

Based on a 2022 Instagram post where Shields gives romantic advice, her bathtub at home looks extremely luxurious. The antique-style clawfoot tub sits in a bathroom with wood-panelled walls. Oh, and Shields sat in it while enjoying a glass of champagne with a strawberry garnish — while this might not be her setup for her daily bath, we are still super jealous!

Brooke Shields has an impressive watch collection

Brooke Shields has plenty of little luxuries in her life — and one of them is her prized watch collection. During a conversation on Hodinkee's series "Talking Watches," the actor explained why she is so fond of collecting them and showed off some of her favorite pieces. "My mom, she loved watches," said Shields. "And that was always the thing that she said will never really depreciate." 

Amongst her collection is a gold Rolex that she bought with her mother when she was young. A year after buying it, she added a ring of diamonds around the face of the watch. "I felt really classy," she said of the watch. Shields also showed off her first dress watch that she would wear to evening events. Additionally, she has a watch that is literally covered with diamonds. 

While her collection is certainly an example of Shields' wealth, for her, they're all symbols of her career. "For some reason, even though it seems ostentatious to be, like, 17 and own these things, they were always associated with the work, so ... they didn't feel like vanity, as much [as] they felt like I'd earned it," she said.

Tom Cruise sent Brooke Shields a $126 cake each year for many years

Over the years, Brooke Shields has worked with a number of pretty famous people — and one of them got into the habit of sending her a very expensive gift every year. It turns out, Tom Cruise would send Shields a bundt cake worth $126 every single Christmas. Cruise actually has a list of people he sends the Doan's Bakery cake to each year: They include Tom Hanks, Jay Ellis, and Rosie O'Donnell — that's a pretty elite list if you ask us!

However, it seems that Shields was taken off of Cruise's "list," as the two had some very public drama at one point. "I was on the list for a while. I had a good 10-year run, and I got the coconut cake every year, which I was very happy [about]," she told People in 2023. She added, "I want to get back on that cake list. It's the best cake. Tom, I need to be back on the cake list."

Brooke Shields has a pricey skincare and makeup routine

It's hardly surprising to learn that Brooke Shields is willing to splurge a little when it comes to her skincare and makeup routine. In 2023, the actor spoke to Harper's Bazaar UK about her routine. First on her list is the True Botanicals Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm, which retails at $48. It is, as Shields described, "magic in a pot." According to Glamour, Shields also uses True Botanicals' Vitamin C, which costs $90. Then, she applies True Botanicals' Chebula Extreme Cream, worth $110, along with True Botanicals' Chebula Active Serum, which costs another $90. Then there's the True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil ($110) and the True Botanicals Radiance Eye Cream ($78). Altogether, her skincare routine costs around $526.

In addition to those products, Shields treats herself to a few skin treatments. "I don't wanna change the shape of my face; I just want the quality of my skin to be optimal," she told Glamour. "I have lines around my mouth, but if I touch them up, I won't look like myself."

Brooke Shields owns a boat

In addition to her holiday home in the Hamptons, Brooke Shields has her own boat, which was a gift from her husband. During the pandemic, the boat became one of her favorite luxuries. "It has been such a gift to be able to be out in the open, and just by [the] nature of the fact that you're on the water in a boat, you're socially distant," she said to Vogue. "It's a luxury that I am all too aware of, but a blessing. We've been clearing our head as a family together with that."

Over the years, Shields has posted images and videos of her boat to social media. In 2021, for instance, she filmed a video from the boat, writing in the caption, "going with the flow." In 2020, Shields posted a slow motion video of herself jumping off the side of her boat, writing, "Monday mood... jumping right into the week."

But boat life hasn't always been completely easy — in 2018, Shields and her husband reportedly were stranded on the boat for five hours after getting stuck on a sandbar!

Even Brooke Shields' puzzles are extravagant

Most of the things Brooke Shields owns seem to be — well — pretty nice. And that even includes her puzzles!

As the actor told Vogue in 2020, during the pandemic, she invested in some gorgeous puzzles from the brand Liberty Puzzles. "I've discovered these Liberty Puzzles that are cut out of wood and each piece is beautifully carved," she told the publication. "If you look at all the pieces closely or even turn them upside down, there'll be a beautiful stingray or a mermaid or a seashell or an anchor. I would sometimes just make myself tequila with lemon, lots of ice, and just zone out and do a puzzle for an hour or two at night." Sounds a lot fancier than most puzzles we've come across! The puzzles in question are currently on sale at Liberty Puzzles for $115.

She went on to explain that she was always a "puzzle person." She added, "My whole family, every vacation, every break, we would all just sit around and work on puzzles together, and my one little sister would take one piece and hide it, so that she could be the last person to put a piece in."

Brooke Shields has a staggering net worth

After such a long and successful career, it's hardly surprising that Brooke Shields has a pretty mind-boggling net worth, with the current figure standing at around $40 million. Apparently, this comes from her modeling days when she earned a reported $10,000 a day, along with her acting work. Over the years, she's earned an estimated total of $3 million for her film roles — and that's not including more recent roles such as "A Castle for Christmas."

It's clear that Shields has made plenty of money over the years — and that she's using it to live a pretty lavish lifestyle. But after the horrible sexism sexism she experienced in the industry as a young woman when she got her first big break, who can really blame her? It's great to see that Shields is finally able to live her life on her own terms.