All The Times RHONJ Star Jennifer Aydin Has Been Involved In Explosive Fights

There's no fighting like reality TV fighting. The world of reality television is no stranger to intense conflicts, and within Bravo's popular "Real Housewives" franchise, some stars are more prone to drama than others. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Jennifer Aydin is definitely one of them, despite only joining the already climactic cast in 2019. Aydin quickly became known for her penchant for throwing things as well as engaging in heated disputes, mostly targeting her castmate, Melissa Gorga of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

Aydin's explosive fights with Gorga, specifically the one caught on camera without their knowledge, even drew attention from Bravo's Andy Cohen. "I think the whole thing was gross. All of it," he wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, referencing their real-life altercation. While things even got physical in Gorga and Aydin's feud, much of the conflict between them seems to be rooted in misunderstandings, gossip, and impulsive reactions. Yet, this hasn't prevented them from continuing their on-screen battles.

The most significant fallout for Aydin resulted from her clash with "RHONJ" castmate Danielle Cabral. Despite previous instances of Aydin making threats and getting physical with cast members, it was her brawl with Cabral that led to both of them facing more serious consequences — both women were temporarily suspender from the show. However, while things have finally come to a head, Aydin has been in plenty of confrontations leading up to it. 

Jennifer Aydin threatened Melissa Gorga with a broken glass

Jennifer Aydin joined the already drama-filled cast of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" in Season 9, adding more tension and immediately sparking her first explosive confrontation in front of Bravo's cameras. The cast had planned a relaxing getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but true to reality TV form, things escalated unexpectedly.

In the clip, following a bickering that had nothing to do with them, Melissa Gorga mistakenly accused Aydin of throwing a glass at her during the earlier spat (it was actually the doing of Danielle Staub, aimed at Margaret Josephs but accidentally hitting Gorga instead). Remaining seemingly calm initially, Aydin refuted the claim, saying, "Honey, if I threw a glass at you... Sweetheart, you would know it."

However, Aydin's composure quickly changed as she smashed a wine glass against the table, raising it threateningly in front of her. With escalating tension, she warned Gorga, "If I throw a f***ing glass, you're gonna know it." Unfazed by the threat, Gorga boldly approached Aydin, yelling, "You've got the wrong f***ing girl; I'm telling you that." Despite the intense exchange of words, the situation eventually de-escalated, and the women separated without resorting to more drastic measures.

Aydin threw a plate at Gorga in Season 10

In 2020, Jennifer Aydin continued her penchant for using tableware in fights on "RHONJ." During Season 10, a familiar scenario unfolded when Melissa Gorga became the target of Aydin's table-flipping antics. This time, the drama unfolded in the Hamptons, echoing a similar incident from the previous season.

The confrontation began with Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider arguing over party expenses, with Aydin suggesting that Goldschneider was overly frugal because she always served what Aydin perceived as cheap food at her children's birthday parties. With tensions rising, Gorga jumped into the fray to defend Goldschneider and praised her financial responsibility, adding that Goldschneider's kids were going to be better off in the future because of it. Aydin, feeling provoked by the mention of children, shifted her arguing focus to Gorga, who was uninterested in engaging further.

In an attempt to provoke a reaction, Aydin ignored Gorga's disinterest and resorted to throwing silverware and even a plate at her. Gorga immediately stood up, visibly upset, and told Aydin, "Throw one more thing, and I swear to God." She then warned her to leave the table before things got ugly, but Aydin continued to yell. While a temporary calm eventually settled between the two reality stars, it proved to be short-lived.

Aydin grabbed Gorga's arm two years later

Fast forward two years, and the simmering tension between Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga has only intensified in Season 12. This time around, their conflict was sparked by an argument between Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs over Giudice's fiancé, Luis Ruelas. The situation took a turn when Joe Gorga, Melissa's husband, joined the squabble, accusing Aydin of damaging his reputation when she badmouthed him on Instagram.

The fight between Melissa and Aydin erupted immediately. "You called my husband a crook," Melissa yelled, to which Aydin claimed that she only spoke out against Joe due to Melissa's negative comments about her family on social media. Aydin screamed, "That was retaliation!" The situation reached a boiling point when Melissa approached Aydin with her hands in her face, prompting Aydin to grab her arm. Fortunately, the rest of the cast intervened, preventing a more serious physical altercation, at least for that particular episode.

In a subsequent interview with E! News, Melissa explained that she had no intention of starting a physical fight but merely wanted to emphasize her point when she approached Aydin. "Sometimes we're passionate over here in Jersey," she explained. Despite this, Melissa noted that she felt like Aydin had no business laying her hands on her. "I do not like that," she said, adding, "I'm not into touching each other. You can use your words."

She got into a public fight with the Gorgas after BravoCon 2022

Jennifer Aydin seems to have had a huge problem with the Gorgas in 2022, because after almost literally fighting with Melissa Gorga in Season 12 of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," she got into a very public brawl with both Melissa and Joe Gorga. The incident wasn't captured as a part of the show as it happened in real life, meaning "RHONJ" might not be as scripted as one would think.

After BravoCon 2022, a bystander recorded Aydin, Melissa, and Joe arguing in the lobby of a New York City hotel. According to eyewitnesses who spoke to People, Melissa started verbally insulting Aydin, after which Joe and another man on their team joined in, prompting Aydin to throw her water-filled plastic cup at them. An unnamed source explained the reasoning behind the Gorga's less-than-pleasant approach, telling the outlet, "Melissa and Joe had enough of Jennifer's attacks behind their backs and her desperate attempt to involve herself in their family's business."

Following the fight, Melissa addressed the situation on her podcast, "Melissa Gorga On Display," confirming the bystanders' account. As reported by People, she called Aydin's behavior harmful, adding, "Everybody truly wants to see the family mend, except for Jennifer, and that's hard for us to get past."

Aydin's fight with Danielle Cabral got them both suspended from 'RHONJ'

Surprisingly, Jennifer Aydin's most intense confrontation on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" didn't involve Melissa Gorga, her usual sparring partner. Instead, the explosive feud was reported to have unfolded with Danielle Cabral during the filming of Season 14, reaching a point where both were temporarily suspended. "They've been falling out all season, but this argument escalated in ways it hadn't yet," an insider told People.

The altercation reportedly began as a verbal exchange but turned into a physical clash when Aydin pushed Cabral. However, according to a Page Six source, Cabral's proximity to Aydin was what led to the pushing, after which Cabral resorted to throwing her drink at Aydin. In an unfortunate turn of events, the cup managed to injure Aydin by embedding her earring into her neck, causing minor bleeding but no serious injury. Their disagreement apparently revolved around a shared hairstylist and Cabral's failure to contribute to a charitable cause. Us Weekly reported they were both warned and continued filming several days later.

Cabral, when speaking to Us Weekly a few weeks later, shared, "It's a big story to unpack, and I hope the audience watches and good wins." Aydin also touched upon the incident with Access Hollywood but opted not to disclose specific details or her side of the story. "It was a very intense season. I'm looking forward for the fans to watch that," she said cryptically.