The Untold Truth Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Jennifer Aydin

Jennifer Aydin has been serving serious laughs and shade on the Real Housewives of New Jersey for nine seasons. The mother of five has lived her life in front of the cameras for RHONJ viewer's enjoyment. Dr. Bill, Jennifer, Justin, Gabby, Jacob, Christian, and Olivia are one of the tightest knit families on the show and on more than one occasion she's proved she'll take on the role of mother lion to protect her brood (via People). But here's the untold truth of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jennifer Aydin. She always had ambitions to be on camera and isn't afraid to get political on her social media.

RHONJ returns for series 11 on Feb. 17. Sharing a sneak peek of what's in store for Aydin this series, Bravo wrote, "Jennifer struggles to deal with the lingering awkwardness with Melissa, along with her parents' marital issues due to the pandemic. With her father now living with her, she unleashes trouble in her relationship with her mother. And, as she continues to defend her father, Jennifer begins to wonder whether the fissures between them can ever be healed." At the end of the last season, there was serious tension between Aydin and castmate Melissa Gorga and it looks like it isn't about to be resolved.

RHONJ leaves no stone unturned but read on for five things that you won't learn about Aydin from the series.

Jennifer Aydin has always had onscreen ambitions

Aydin is a natural in front of the cameras and has shared some of her delicious recipes on RHONJ. However, before she was part of the series she revealed on Instagram she had her own cooking show. She shared an old clip with her 228 thousand followers on Instagram to celebrate World Food Day. She wrote, "Thought it would be fun to share with you [a] traditional Turkish dish (Yes I was a TV chef.)" The clip shows a very different side to Aydin.

When she first started out on RHONJ, Aydin also told Bravo that she had her sights on Hollywood when she was growing up. "When I was 16, I convinced my mom to take me on an audition," she said, "She didn't think I would get it so she took me kind of just to shut me up, more or less, and then when I ended up getting the gig, she was so nervous. She wouldn't let me do it and she said, you know, if you do this and you're an actress, you're never going to get married, you're never going to have kids ... it's going to be shame and she blocked it, right then and there."

Jennifer Aydin has spoken about her kids getting surgery

Aydin has been very open about the plastic surgery she's had in the past on the show. She's married to Dr. Bill Aydin who is a professional plastic surgeon. In 2019 she appeared on People Now and spoke about having a tummy tuck after losing weight. It was her husband who performed the surgery. The Sun reported she said, "Last season I saw myself on camera, you know it always has been a problem for me just finding clothing to fit like disproportionate or whatever."

She also told People Now that she'd support her children having surgical procedures so long as they're old enough to make the decision. She said her daughter had mentioned laser hair removal and, "if they're not happy with something let's change it." She said she had approached the topic of body confidence with her children and she uses her own experience growing up. "I don't even mention food to my kids. I let them eat whatever they want. They've got the rest of their lives to worry about body image," she said.

One of Jennifer Aydin's biggest regrets is an argument

Aydin has always been ready to defend herself and her loved ones on RHONJ. She's rarely shied away from an argument — which is, of course, the kind of drama that makes fans love her. However, she told U.S. Weekly's Candlelight Confessions that this led to one of her biggest regrets from her time on the show.

Speaking on the show in 2020, Aydin ranked her fellow castmates from favorite to least favorite. She called Teresa Giudice her favorite, while putting poor Melissa Gorga in dead last. Regardless of how she feels about the other housewives, Aydin isn't afraid to check herself on her own behavior. She said, "Saying nasty things about Margaret's mother, I was not happy about that." Aydin and Margaret Josephs have had a fraught relationship onscreen but Aydin regrets bringing Joseph's mother into their fight.

Jennifer Aydin stands by the LGBTQ+ community on social media

While some stars shy away from making statements on their social media, Aydin has posted numerous times about her support for Pride, the LGBTQ+ community, and belief that love means love. She reposted an image by her brother, Steven, of the White House lit up in rainbow colors on her Instagram feed on the day that the supreme court ruled to protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination in the workplace. She said he is the Artistic Director of LI Musical Theatre Festival which was featured in RHONJ.

She also dressed her family up in the colors of the rainbow and posed in their home for a post on her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, "Teach love and acceptance and be proud of your family."

To honor his sister's support over Pride, Steven posted a picture of the Aydin's and wrote on his Instagram, "Growing up I could have never imagined being out and proud with my family. I am forever grateful to my sister, @jenniferaydin for her love and acceptance. She has welcomed me into her family with open arms, supported me every step of the way, and opened the door to meaningful conversations. I am proud and grateful to be me."

Jennifer Aydin's favorite singer leaves her feeling "good as hell"

Aydin has been linked to one singer repeatedly. She knows she looks like Jennifer Lopez. Bravo reported that for Halloween in 2020, the real housewife even dressed up as the iconic star in an outfit so similar to Lopez's 2000 Grammy Awards Versace dress. In a picture on her Instagram with her husband she wrote, "Jennifer and her Prince"

However, another singer seriously inspired Aydin. On International Woman's Day in 2020, she shared a recording she'd taken of Lizzo on Instagram. Aydin had seen her perform the year before and wrote, "I knew when I recorded @lizzobeeating at #jingleball2019 that it meant something to me and I didn't know when or if I'd ever post it, because I had recorded it just for me because I feel she is such an inspiration. So I find it fitting to post today, on #internationalwomensday. She's so beautiful, inside and out! I encourage you all to find your inner "That B****! " and even though, at times, it may be hard- just do you!! And never let anyone bring you down! Do you! #HatersAreGonnaHate."