The Touching Reason Katie Holmes Loves To Watch Dawson's Creek

In the late '90s and early 2000s, Joey Potter from "Dawson's Creek" was the ultimate girl next door. Her sweet interior and tough exterior made two best friends — the titular character Dawson and his pal Pacey — fall for her. The character also propelled Katie Holmes into the spotlight at a young age. Nearly three decades later, Holmes is still known across the globe. It often might seem like actors try to separate themselves from the early roles that made them famous, however, that isn't the case with Holmes.

Holmes embraces her Joey Potter and "Dawson's Creek" roots. She continued to watch the series after it ended. In a 2003 People interview, the glamorous star shared that she missed the cast and started to develop an appreciation for "Dawson's Creek." "I think it's fun to watch because you remember with every scene that day, what you were going through at the time," Holmes explained.

She also recalled keeping in touch with the cast and seeing them on occasion, after all, those were pretty formidable years for each of the stars. Her "Dawson's Creek" rewatches didn't stop in 2003.

She watches Dawson's Creek with her daughter

Katie Holmes revealed to Variety that she and her daughter, Suri Cruise, watch "Dawson's Creek." The two watched episodes together during the pandemic. Cruise and Holmes had a "good laugh about" the show. Additionally, Holmes reflected on the strangeness of watching it with her now teenage daughter. "It's wild to have a daughter who's almost the same age as I was when I began all this," the actor noted.

"Dawson's Creek" episodes weren't the only thing on Cruise and Holmes's pandemic agenda. In a 2020 Vogue Australia interview, Holmes shared that her at-home hobbies include sewing, painting, and writing. However, she said the biggest lesson she learned from spending extended time at home during the pandemic was to "appreciate the natural rhythms of mother and daughter." Holmes noted that it was such a gift.

Holmes and Cruise seem to enjoy spending time together. A lot of things changed for Suri after her parents' divorce but Holmes remains a constant. The mother-daughter duo even worked together on a few of Holmes's projects, including "Rare Objects" and "Alone Together," films that the "Dawson's Creek" star directed. Cruise sings on the soundtrack for these movies. Holmes told Glamour that she hopes to continue to work with her daughter on projects.

She thinks a Dawson's Creek reboot may tarnish it

Katie Holmes spoke several times about the possibility of rebooting "Dawson's Creek." She shared with Screenrant that the "Dawson's Creek" cast and crew have discussed the idea of a reboot. She understands the nostalgic appeal of it. However, Holmes doesn't know if people truly want to see the characters living in modern times.

"I feel like that show captured that time period and that time in all of our lives. So I think it's great that you are nostalgic for it. So am I. But it's like, 'Do we want to see them not at that age?' I don't know," Holmes questioned.

She shared a similar sentiment with Variety but added that a reboot could "tarnish" the series. Holmes believes "Dawson's Creek" worked because it exists in a world before social media and phones. It loses some of that by getting a modern update. In a 2023 Access interview, Holmes shared that the cast still keeps in touch, but as she told Screenrant, nobody is interested in revisiting the fictional town of Capeside.