What We Know About Hallmark Star Jaicy Elliot's Lowkey Love Life

One thing that makes the Hallmark Channel stand out as one of the most heartwarming places to be on television is the romance. As predictable as the movies can be, there's something special about following two characters as they fall in love and are guaranteed a happy ending. Just as in the movies, fans love following the love lives of their favorite Hallmark actors, and Jaicy Elliot's private love life is a mystery to most.

Jaicy Elliot landed her big break in Hollywood when she was cast as Dr. Taryn Helm on "Grey's Anatomy" and "Station 19." Along with starring in the medical drama, she's appeared in many Hallmark Channel original movies, including "Joyeux Noel," "My Southern Family Christmas," and "Romance in Style." As for her personal life, Elliot keeps things pretty quiet and out of the spotlight, but she has shared a few moments that let fans in on what's going on and who she's keeping company with these days.

Elliot is reportedly dating Brandon Pert

Since Jaicy Elliot keeps the details of her love life close to the vest, she doesn't share much about who she's dating or information about her potential beaus. However, in October 2022, Elliot started sharing photos of her reported boyfriend, Brandon Pert on social media. A utility sound technician by trade, Pert also worked on "Grey's Anatomy," although it's unconfirmed whether or not that is how the potential couple originally met. While she's been relatively quiet about the timeline of their relationship — she did share another photo of the two of them in May 2023 — it's clear that Elliot and Pert share a close group of friends that they value spending time with. In an interview with Ouch! Magazine, Elliot detailed how much she values time with her loved ones amidst her schedule of filming.

"As much as I value my personal time and space, I do treasure my moments with family and friends. I think it's important to be surrounded by people who challenge you, can make you reflect on whatever you are going through, and also who bring you support and humor. I need to laugh; it lifts me up like nothing else."

Elliot likes to keep her life private even as she gains fame

Apart from Brandon Pert, Jaicy Elliot has not been publicly linked to any other potential love interests, and it seems as if she is keeping it that way. Her road to the limelight has been a whirlwind, with her career taking a much different direction than she anticipated when she was younger. With a background in theater, Elliot never expected to have her first television role be on "Grey's Anatomy," one of the most famous TV series of all time. However, the sudden attention turned towards Elliot didn't persuade her to become more open about her personal life. In an interview with Parade, Elliot opened up about the unusual trajectory of her career and how it's surprised her along the way.

Though her familiarity with theater led her to believe that was her path, she's thrilled with the change. "I feel very lucky to have both my past as a theater actor and, hopefully, my future as a successful actress in L.A. It's such a huge dream for so many people in this world. Hollywood is such an iconic place that it's all very surreal for me," she shared