Inside Hallmark Star Kimberley Sustad's Marriage With Husband Scot

Canadian Hallmark star Kimberley Sustad is renowned for her roles in numerous TV series and romance movies. Although Kimberley has stolen hearts with romantic flicks like "The Nine Lives of Christmas," widely regarded as one of the perfect Hallmark movies for when you're feeling down, her love life is largely under wraps. While the "A Bride for Christmas" star mainly posts work-related updates on her Instagram, a closer look reveals that she is pretty focused on her family. 

One of the biggest shocks about the star's married life is that her husband, Scot Sustad, is not an actor. Kimberley and Scot tied the knot in a low-profile wedding on August 8, 2004, which predates Kimberley's first-ever Hallmark appearance on December 1, 2012, in "A Bride for Christmas." Despite this lengthy history, the couple keeps their relationship under wraps. There are no public couple interviews, and Scot's Instagram is unsurprisingly private. However, a bit of research into their relationship reveals that the couple goes a long way back.

Kimberley and Scot Sustad met in Vancouver, Canada

Many Hallmark movies are shot in Canada, so it might seem like the logical place for Kimberley and Scot Sustad to live. However, the Sustads have quite a bit of history in Canada. Although Scot was born in the United States and spent his early years in America, he is very much a Canadian — and not just because his parents are. After completing his high school education at D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School in Colorado, he moved to Canada. Scot enrolled at Trinity Western University, where he met Kimberley, who was also a student there.

While Kimberley pursued her acting career, Scot co-founded Digital Hot Sauce, which offers digital marketing services, as well as co-founding Adventure Teaching, The Arrival Store Inc., and Brands for Better. On his X (formerly Twitter) profile page, Scot describes himself as a creative problem solver, community builder, and a four-time start-up entrepreneur. While his wife makes her mark in the Christmas movie realm, he balances his professional life with community engagement by mentoring young entrepreneurs.

The couple have twin daughters

Despite tying the knot back in 2004, it wasn't until 13 years later that Hallmark star Kimberley Sustad and her husband Scot Sustad expanded their family. She surprised fans with a pregnancy announcement about a month before her due date, sharing a photo of her huge baby bump in a since-deleted Instagram post (per Famous Stardom). On June 14, 2017, the Sustads welcomed double additions, Vienna and Ari, to their family. 

A few months after their birth, in October, Kimberley shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram of herself on a ferry ride, cradling one of her babies. She affectionately captioned the photo "hungry little bear." Scot, who rarely posts on social media, once reviewed the Slumber Pad Cooling Mattress simply because it suited his and Kimberley's sleeping patterns. He further revealed that the Hallmark star is a fan of sleeping with multiple blankets, while he is more of a "hot sleeper." Such personal posts are rarities for the Sustads, but their penchant for privacy may be one of the reasons their marriage has lasted a long time. Considering Kimberley's stellar performances on her projects like "Game of Love," one of the best Hallmark movies so far in 2023, it wouldn't be far-fetched to presume that her inspiration stems from her real-life experiences with Scot.