I Love A Mama's Boy: The Matt And Kelly Moment That Made Fans Angry

TLC is home to some of the weirdest and most outrageous shows on television, such as "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and "My Strange Addiction." One of the more controversial shows that incurred lots of opinions from viewers is "I Love a Mama's Boy." At its premise, the show follows mothers and sons who have an unusually close bond, to the point where it comes between the sons and their significant others. While all of the people on the show have their moments of controversy, the mother-son duo that seems to perpetually land themselves in the hot seat for their actions is Matt and Kelly McAdams.

Matt started on the show engaged to Kimberly Cobb, and while his mother Kelly didn't entirely approve of her son planning to marry, Matt and Kimberly seemed happy together. That is until Kelly interfered too much with their relationship, and Kimberly finally walked away. Kelly was delighted to have her son all to herself, but Matt soon began another relationship with Brittany Taylor. Kelly was less than thrilled that her son was seeing someone new, but viewers were even more displeased that their conversation about Brittany was taking place in a cemetery.

Matt and Kelly's dour picnic date left fans reeling

There are lots of instances where Matt and Kelly McAdams have crossed the line between appropriate and inappropriate during their time on "I Love a Mama's Boy," but one moment from the June 26, 2022 episode of the show left fans with a particularly bad taste in their mouth. In the episode, Matt was worried about confessing to his mom that he's dating a new woman (Brittany Taylor) after breaking up with Kimberly, and to soften the blow, he takes her for a picnic. Seems innocent enough, right? Well, we're not sure what got into him, but Matt decided that the local cemetery was the perfect setting to tell his mom about his new fling. Apart from their behavior and Kelly's negative reaction to her son's news, the fans couldn't believe how insensitive the setting for their picnic was.

One viewer took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their opinion, tweeting, "It's just something about Matthew and his mom talking about the afterlife, drinking wine in a cemetery that feels wrong." Another fan agreed, writing in a tweet, "What kind of person feels it's normal to have a picnic at a grave site??? Or I forgot these people are so far from normal that it's creepy." It seems as if Matt and Kelly became the most criticized duo on the show, and their reputations only got worse from there.

Matt's hypocrisy landed him in hot water with viewers

The poor taste picnic with Matt and Kelly McAdams isn't the only time that fans have heavily criticized the mom and son on "I Love A Mama's Boy." As the season progressed and Matt's relationship with Brittany Taylor became more serious, so did Kelly's disapproval of her son's new girlfriend. Kelly even went so far as to show up at Brittany's workplace to warn her off of her son. Ready to give Matt and Kelly a taste of their own medicine, Brittany invited Matt to lunch, and secretly brought her boss along with her to interrogate her boyfriend. The surprise did not go over well with Matt; he got upset at the boss's questions and criticized Brittany for ambushing him and retaliating at his mother. The hypocrisy of Matt's reaction again left fans less-than-impressed.

One viewer tweeted, "So Matt can bring his mama everywhere, but when Brittany brings someone, it's a problem?" Another expressed their distaste, tweeting, "Matt it's all right for your mom Kelly to go to her job and interrogate her but when it's turned around on you, you don't like it, well that's too bad, what goes around comes around that's what you get."