The Truth About I Love A Mama's Boy's Matt And Kim

TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" is the latest must-watch reality show to highlight unusual relationships. In this case, participants have to contend with a meddling mother. Complicating matters, the men in question don't always consider helicopter parents to be a problem, regardless of how frustrated their partners are. Matt and Kim, although clearly in love, have struggled to make their relationship a priority since day one. Not only does Matt's mother Kelly poke her nose in his relationship with Kim, but the couple also has to live under her roof. 

As Meaww notes, the couple weren't exactly fan favorites amongst the loyal viewers of "I Love A Mama's Boy." If anything, they were quite the opposite. Social media lit up on a weekly basis with complaints about how Kim was being treated, with many calling Matt and his mom, Kelly, out for ganging up against her. Kim was seemingly too in love with Matt to stick up for herself, but despite him putting a ring on it, she frequently found herself feeling like a third wheel in her own relationship. Where are these two at now?

Did Matt choose his mom over Kim?

Matt and Kim ended Season 1 of "I Love A Mama's Boy" happily engaged and looking forward to their future together, per The Cinemaholic. However, Season 2 was a complete trainwreck as Kim finally took charge of her life and scored an exciting career opportunity in Texas, only for Matt to turn the situation around on her and accuse his fiancee of not putting their relationship first. Matt even accused Kim of being "selfish" and, once she landed in Texas, the influencer realized maybe she didn't need the drama of their relationship after all. Matt's visit with his mother was the final straw, prompting Kim to call time on their four-year romance.

Although they didn't end on great terms, Kim attempted to guide Matt towards being a better boyfriend in the future, by encouraging him to get out from under his mother's wing and forge a path for himself. Matt subsequently blocked her on all social media so he could focus on himself. As The Cinemaholic notes, Kim remains in Texas, where she works in social media marketing and hosts her own podcast, "My Lips Aren't Sealed." Speaking to Sarah Fraser on "The Sarah Fraser Show" in November, Kim confirmed she is prioritizing her self-worth and won't be getting back together with Matt anytime soon. The "I Love A Mama's Boy" stars seem happy without each other, so maybe the break was for the best.