Chase's Proposal Brings Much-Needed Romance Back To General Hospital

When it comes to some of the greatest loves on "General Hospital," this fictional town of Port Charles has seen a lot of them. From Luke and Laura to Carly and Sonny, daytime television fans have been lucky enough to witness a whole lot of soap opera love throughout the years. There's another couple, however, who are on their way to becoming a legendary duo: Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). 

While the couple has had their fair share of drama, like when Brook Lynn refused to write a letter that would have helped save Chase's job back in 2022, that all seems to be in the past now. Plus, in an interview with the print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Setton confirmed that her character is "head over heels in love with him," (via Michael Fairman TV). 

The soap star added, "I think she (Brook Lynn) has to get everything off her chest and spill it all out because he's her main confidant at this point." Well, that love has turned into the kind of proposal that soap opera fans love to see on daytime television. Chase and Brook Lynn are already the most loved "General Hospital" couple by some margin, but there's another major reason why everyone is really feeling their engagement.

There are no more secrets between Chase and Brook Lynn

The wildest storylines in "General Hospital" history have resulted in a lot of secrets being exposed. But when it comes to Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn Quartermaine, they don't want to live like that anymore. Now that they are engaged to be married, the happy couple has decided that honesty is the best policy and the only way to keep their love alive is to not keep any secrets from each other. 

"General Hospital" fans have even taken to X, formerly Twitter, to express just how happy they were seeing Chase proposing to Brook Lynn. That's because, unlike other couples on the show, they are not hiding anything. In other words, Chase and Brook Lynn have set up a solid foundation in their relationship that just might make them one of the strongest couples on the show. 

As one viewer commented, "As far as I remember, there are no secrets left between them. Happy for this couple," while another enthused, "Love this!" and a third wrote, "These two are a nice couple." With any luck, the future is bright for Chase and Brook Lynn, who have been on and off for a while now and finally seem to have gotten the happy ending they deserve.