Taylor Swift's Best BFF Moments With Brittany Mahomes

Ever since Taylor Swift's friends and family banded together to hook her up with Travis Kelce, the two have been going strong and getting more public with their relationship, subsequently taking the pop culture zeitgeist by storm. Swift becoming the girlfriend of an NFL player means that she has expanded her social circle to other players and their wives, girlfriends, and families. Brittany Mahomes — wife of Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes — is one person who has found herself in Swift's social circle.

After Swift and Brittany had been spotted watching Chiefs games together, and also spending time out and about, an insider told Us Weekly how happy Brittany was about her new friend. "Brittany is thrilled to be building a genuine friendship with Taylor," they said. "They've hung out a couple of times and have grown fairly close in a short period of time. Brittany thinks Taylor is so sweet, and down to earth, and they get along really great."

Swift has shared some fun BFF moments with Brittany since they met, including an iconic handshake.

In New York, Swift took Mahomes to a few meals with A-listers

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes' friendship evolved past just hanging out at Chiefs games when they were spotted spending time with some of Swift's A-list pals. In late September 2023, they reportedly had dinner at Emilio's Ballato in New York. Other attendees of the meal included Swift's friends Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, and Robyn Lively. An insider told People, "They dined in a private room. Everyone had a blast. They all got along and were just laughing all night over drinks and delicious food."

TMZ reported in November 2023 that Mahomes, Swift, and Turner went out to eat again, this time with a different group that dined at the restaurant Bond Street (also in New York). Other attendees were Swift's friends Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne. According to E! News, Bradley Cooper was also seen leaving the restaurant — and it's been alleged that he and Hadid are in a relationship.

Their victory handshake showed support for the Chiefs

At the October 22, 2023 NFL game between the Chiefs and the Chargers, Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes caused a stir with a special handshake. After their respective partners worked together to gain a touchdown for the Chiefs, Swift and Brittany did an intricate move including high fives and hip bumps (via Twitter). According to People, they did the move a few times during the game, and a video of another variation was also shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In the week after the game, and after the handshake moment went viral, Patrick Mahomes joked with "The Drive" radio show host Carrington Harrison that it's his and Travis Kelce's turn to have a fun handshake like that. 

"I need to talk to Travis, because me and Travis don't even have a handshake yet," Patrick told the host of the KCSP 610 Sports radio show. "So I mean, they're ahead of the game on us." He joked that he and Kelce would make a game plan for their own handshake and added, "Yeah, we're gonna work on it. We'll get it ready for you."

Swift has made friends with some of Mahomes' other friends

According to Page Six, when the Chiefs played the Dolphins in Germany in November 2023, Swift invited some other WAGs — which means "wives and girlfriends" of athletes — to watch the game at her apartment in New York. Lyndsay Bell (the wife of Chiefs player Blake Bell) and Paige Buechele (the wife of Bills player Shane Buechele) were seen leaving Swift's apartment after the game.

A few days after, Brittany Mahomes shared a photo of herself, Swift, Buechele, and Bell sharing a drink on Instagram, showing that Swift and the other women must be growing closer as well. About a month later, Mahomes shared photos of herself, Bell, and Swift watching the Chiefs vs. Packers game. Some fans wondered if the stylish, red Stella McCartney coat Swift wore to that December game was the same one Mahomes had been photographed in about a year prior. Despite the fun fan theory, an insider told Page Six that was one of Swift's coats.

Although the new BFFs haven't gotten to the clothes-sharing stage of friendship, they shared a hug while watching the game. A low-resolution video on X also showed Swift giving Mahomes a kiss on the head, showing just how close they've gotten in the past few months.