Benjamin Millepied Had Another Girlfriend When He Hooked Up With Natalie Portman

Perhaps there is some truth to "Once a cheater, always a cheater." Natalie Portman's split from Benjamin Millepied is reportedly due to Millepied's infidelity. However, it has also been reported that when the former couple first got together, Millepied already had a girlfriend.

In January 2010, Page Six reported that Portman and Millepied were dating. (He worked as the choreographer on Portman's film "Black Swan," which is how they met.) The outlet quoted an insider who said, "They've been dating since the fall, although she told friends that she hasn't gone public with it because she was waiting to see if things got serious. But the real reason she was quiet about things is that Ben had a live-in girlfriend of three years when they met." 

OK! Magazine claimed that the girlfriend in question was professional ballerina Isabella Boylston. The source for Page Six added that the relationship between the pair was so serious, Boylston thought she and Millepied would be walking down the aisle soon. Instead, she moved out of their shared home just after the new year in 2010.

Boylston's fellow ballerinas had negative things to say about Millepied after their split

In a piece on Benjamin Millepied in The Guardian, Isabella Boylston was brought up again. Although it seems neither Millepied nor Natalie Portman has said anything about Boylston, after Millepied dumped the ballerina, her friends at the American Ballet Theatre were not too happy. According to them, Millepied acted "pretty brutally and unchivalrously."

In December 2010 — almost a year after a source spilled the details on Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied's relationship — it was announced that the couple were engaged. At the same time, Portman's pregnancy was announced. She told Entertainment Weekly, "I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience."

Portman and Millepied's first child Aleph was born in 2011. The couple got married in August 2012, and then their second child Amalia was born in 2017. Sadly, history seemed to repeat itself when Millepied was put in the spotlight in the summer of 2023 for an alleged affair.

Portman reportedly found out about Millepied's affair in March 2023

In June 2023, Page Six translated snippets of a piece from Voici from French to English. The French publication had reported that Benjamin Millepied cheated on Natalie Portman with Camille Étienne and that Portman found out back in March. Étienne is a climate activist who is about 17 years younger than Portman, and about 20 younger than Millepied. An insider told Page Six at the time that Millepied and Portman were attempting to repair their relationship in the wake of his infidelity, saying, "Her biggest focus right now is protecting the kids."

Despite their best efforts, it seems that the couple decided going their separate ways is best. Us Weekly reported in August 2023 that the duo had separated. In September 2023, shared photos of them out and about separately, both without their wedding rings.

There are a variety of reasons why people cheat in relationships. Why Millepied was allegedly unfaithful again is something the general public may never know.