What We Know About RHOA Star Kim Zolciak's Secretive Former Flame, Lee Najjar

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak burst onto the scene back in Season 1 of the hit series, and a focal point of her storyline was her relationship with an elusive figure known as "Big Poppa." Initially, his identity was a mystery. However, Zolciak later revealed that her lover was an extremely wealthy man who gifted her with lavish jewels, clothing, and even her Range Rover. The successful businessman, who she once referred to as her fiance, was also rumored to have purchased her home. His identity remained anonymous until internet sleuths identified him as entrepreneur Lee Najjar.

Sadly, their love wasn't built to last. While the details of Zolciak's breakup with Najjar were not explicitly revealed on "RHOA," she did tell Us Weekly in 2009, "He will always be the love of my life, but it's time for me to move on." Najjar's identity being made public may have had something to do with their romance ending, especially considering that he wasn't exactly single when he and Zolciak began dating. Despite his preferring to keep things a secret, we now know several shocking things about Najjar, which could explain why he never wanted to be on television.

Lee Najjar was married when he began dating Zolciak

It has been widely reported that Lee Najjar had a wife at the time he began seeing Kim Zolciak. Ironically, his long-term spouse is also named Kimberly. The exact day the Najjars walked down the aisle is unknown. However, based on Instagram posts shared by their son, Jeremy, the couple is still together and appears happier than ever. Their daughter, Katelin, who seems to be an influencer of sorts with over 12,000 Instagram followers, has also shared sweet family photos with both of her parents.

Not much is known about Kimberly or what she does for a living. However, judging by her glamorous appearance, Kimberly could likely be a housewife. She and Najjar also seem very devoted to their children, which was demonstrated in a 2009 episode of "Teen Cribs," which allowed them to show off the comfortable lifestyle they enjoy with Jeremy and Kaitlin. Unfortunately, the timing of the shows airing is another indicator that Najjar was already having an affair with Kim Zolciak since the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" debuted a year earlier in 2008.

Najjar got in some legal trouble after his split from Zolciak

Even after Lee Najjar and Kim Zolciak split, he was once again thrust into the spotlight. In 2012, Najjar was arrested for failing to appear in court regarding a case related to him allegedly not maintaining one of his properties. Before his arrest, he had been fined $75,000 for the poor upkeep. When he failed to show up in court over the matter, Najjar was taken into custody. The outcome of this case is unknown.

Najjar keeps his Instagram profile private. The same goes for his spouse, Kimberly. As for what he's up to business-wise, that's also unknown. However, he may have briefly experienced some financial woes. In 2015, Najjar lost his famous "Teen Cribs" mansion to foreclosure, though the circumstances that led to this were never made public. Nevertheless, with Najjar having a reported $50 million net worth, it appears his troubles didn't last long. As for his ex-lover, she is going through her own set of issues. With Zolciak navigating a divorce from her husband, Kroy Biermann, and mounting debt, it's unlikely she is concerned with "Big Poppa" these days.