The Major Personality Difference Between George Clooney's Twins, Alexander And Ella

Following his 1993 divorce from Talia Balsam, George Clooney became one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, and the two-time Oscar winner had no problem living out the rest of his life as a solo man. "I was like, 'I'm never getting married. I'm not gonna have kids,'" George told GQ in 2020 of his younger self's stance. He reiterated the sentiment during a 2021 appearance on the "WTF With Marc Maron" podcast, emphasizing that his wife, Amal Clooney, changed everything for him. "And then this extraordinary human being walked into my life, and I just fell madly in love."

George and Amal, who is an international human rights lawyer, tied the knot in 2014, about a year after their initial meeting. In 2017, they welcomed twins named Ella and Alexander Clooney. While the main difference between the two is their gender, Ella and Alexander also have majorly contrasting personalities. "You can see it because they're twins — they really come out with the personalities they're born with," George shared with "Today" in 2019. Speaking to People the following year, the actor revealed the twins' biggest difference is how they interact with others, with Alexander being notably more outgoing.

Despite their individuality, the brother and sister share enough similarities to keep their already busy parents thoroughly engaged, but George doesn't seem to mind. "In marriage, and now with the kids, you give away the selfishness of only looking out for yourself. It's a wonderful thing," he told People.

The twins are 'like night and day'

In his interview with People, George Clooney revealed that Ella Clooney, his daughter, is far more shy than her twin brother, Alexander Clooney. The actor detailed an instance when their dog got stung by a bee while out on a walk, prompting Alexander to share the details of the unfortunate event with every passerby. Ella, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with her extroverted twin brother. "[She] kind of [hid] her face," George explained.

Despite Ella's introverted nature, George told The Guardian in 2021 that she possesses a strong sense of authority compared to her more lighthearted brother. "Alexander loves to laugh, and Ella's very serious, always making sure everybody plays by the rules," the proud dad shared, adding, "[They] are so different; it's like night and day."

However, being twins, Ella and Alexander share common interests, with pranking being one of them. Ella, despite her shyness, enthusiastically participates in practical jokes taught by their father, such as a fake dirty diaper prank. George quipped to People, "I did work with them on putting Nutella in a diaper and then eating it [prank]." In addition to their mischievous antics, the twins also share impressive linguistic abilities, being fluent in English, Italian, and French. However, George admitted on "CBS Mornings" that he and Amal struggle to understand their children when they switch between languages, sharing that the twins sometimes use their linguistic prowess to their advantage.

The twins gave George Clooney a purpose in life

Becoming a father has profoundly changed George Clooney's perspective, bringing a newfound sense of fulfillment to his life. "[Parenting gave me] a sense of belonging, a sense of home, and unconditional love," the actor shared in a 2021 talk with "Today." Despite the quirks in George's two kids' personalities, the actor takes pride in guiding them through life with a touch of humor. "I really do enjoy teaching my children to do things that shock their mother," the actor quipped.

The Hollywood superstar is a hands-on parent, as is his wife, despite their undoubtedly busy schedules. In his talk with The Guardian, George shared that he and Amal Clooney opted not to have a full-time nanny; not even during COVID-19 lockdowns. "It was just us — for a full year! I felt like my mother in 1964, doing dishes and six loads of laundry a day," the "Oceans 11" star joked.

Despite the potential horror that some may associate with the idea of having twins, George has nothing but positive sentiments for his dynamic duo. In his 2019 talk with "Today," when questioned about the notorious "terrible twos," a phase often marked by challenging behavior in 2-year-olds, the actor swiftly countered with, "They're not terrible twos." He lovingly added, "They're good kids. They're happy kids. They laugh a lot." With numerous acting roles under his belt, George appears to have found the greatest joy in being a father.