We Finally Know What Chris Christie Told Megyn Kelly At The GOP Debate

The GOP primary debates ahead of the 2024 presidential election have offered a glimpse into the fierce competition among Republican presidential hopefuls. During the fourth primary debate in December 2023, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's outburst took center stage. In a clip circulated on social media, Christie is captured having a heated exchange with moderator Megyn Kelly and fellow moderator Eliana Johnson during the commercial break.

On "The Megyn Kelly Show," the journalist recounted her intense exchange with Christie. "He was p***ed off. He was mad that he wasn't getting enough questions," Kelly explained. "And he said, 'I made it up at this stage, and I haven't been able to speak in awhile. And I should have been brought in on that last debate.'" Kelly, however, stood firm in her assertion that all candidates were treated fairly — especially considering Christie's low polling numbers.

Despite the former governor's dissatisfaction, Kelly said that she assured him that he would receive speaking time in the second half of the debate. In response to criticism, she stated, "I don't want to hear it, frankly. We did right by him ... We let them fight in the first 40 minutes of the debate and therefore that comes at the expense of something." The GOP debates have become a theater of political intensity — from the deep rivalry between Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley to Donald Trump's notable absence, the Republican candidates are not letting up ahead of this highly anticipated election.

The GOP debates have been filled with drama

Between August and December 2023, the Republican National Committee hosted four televised bouts that featured a crew of contenders. The 2024 GOP primary debates have proven to be a wild ride, with each event bringing new twists and confrontations. Amidst the drama, even Tim Scott's love life became a topic of debate before his race exit, showing that no topic is off limits.

In the smallest yet most explosive fourth primary debate, the absence of headliner Donald Trump set the stage for a faceoff among Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and the ever-disruptive Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy, the youngest candidate, kept up his rebellious antics on the debate stage. He targeted fellow candidates, particularly Haley, using provocative language and even holding up a sign reading "Nikki = Corrupt" (per HuffPost). In a moment of fiery defense, Christie went to bat for Haley, calling out Ramaswamy's personal digs at her.

"He has insulted Nikki Haley's basic intelligence. Not her positions, her basic intelligence," Christie fired back (per ABC News). "This is a smart, accomplished woman. You should stop insulting her." Notably, Christie was also the only candidate to directly slam Trump on debate night. Christie has built his campaign around critiquing the former president and has issued a stern warning about the potential consequences of another Trump term (via CNN). His stance prompted a mixed response from the crowd, as Trump remains the highest-polling Republican candidate, according to Axios.

Donald Trump has been notably absent amid the debates

In the unpredictable world of politics, one thing remains consistent — Donald Trump's refusal to play by the rules. From March to August 2023, the former president was indicted four times on multiple charges, including attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and mishandling of classified documents. Despite legal battles and continued debate absence, Trump remains in the favor of Republican voters (per The New York Times).

"I like to debate. I probably am here because of debates. I don't mind it at all," Trump told Fox News (via The Hill). "But when you're 40 points up ... Why would I let these people take shots at me?" While fellow Republican candidates eagerly took the debate stage, the businessman chose a different path — counter-programming. Hosting a series of events instead, Trump seemed determined to prove that his campaign marches to the beat of its own drum. During the November 2023 primary debate, Trump decided to host a counter-forum in Miami.

"Somebody said — one of the dumber ones — 'Oh, he doesn't have the courage to stand up,'" Trump said on stage, referring to Ron DeSantis (per Politico). "Well listen, I'm standing in front of tens of thousands of people right now and it's on television. That's a hell of a lot harder to do than a debate." As candidates continue to spar, the question of whether Trump's debate dodge will impact his campaign remains an open one. For now, the show goes on, with or without the front-runner in the spotlight.