The Hallmark Stars Tyler Hynes Sees Himself Working With

Tyler Hynes is a veritable Hallmark heartthrob, becoming a network veteran through flicks like "Three Wise Men and a Baby," "Winter in Vail," and "An Unexpected Christmas." The actor has worked with notable names like Andrew Walker and Lacey Chabert through his many made-for-TV movies, naming the network's cast and crew as one of the things Hynes appreciates most about the Hallmark Channel.

With this in mind, it makes sense that the Hallmark star has given some thought to who he'd like to appear alongside in the future. Notably, Hynes mentioned to Digital Journal that he's interested in working with fellow Hallmark star Brooke D'Orsay in the future, but that he'd also love to collaborate with former co-star Erin Krakow again.

"I love working with the Hallmark family of actors," Hynes told My Devotional Thoughts in 2019. He went on to share with FanSided, "The reason why I keep coming back and doing [Hallmark movies] is because everybody on this side of the fence is lovely. It's literally as simple as that."

Hynes has had good interactions with Brooke D'Orsay

When talking to Digital Journal in December 2023, Tyler Hynes opened up about a Hallmark star he'd like to work with in the future. "I really like Brooke D'Orsay," he told the outlet. "She is a lovely human being and I've enjoyed interacting with her." As a refresher, D'Orsay is most known for playing Paige Collins on the medical dramedy series "Royal Pains," but has gone on to star in notable Hallmark flicks such as "A Dickens of a Holiday!" and "Miss Christmas."

Although they haven't yet worked together on a movie, Hynes and D'Orsay have likely encountered one another at Hallmark-related events. For example, both actors appeared at the 2021 RomaDrama Christmas convention in 2022 to advertise their respective Hallmark projects, as promoted by Hynes' co-star Paul Campbell on Instagram. There hasn't been any news of a collaboration between Hynes and D'Orsay, but we're right there with the Hallmark star in looking forward to the potential partnership.

The Hallmark star would love to work with this co-star again

Other than Brooke D'Orsay, Tyler Hynes also mentioned to Digital Journal that he'd love to collaborate with Erin Krakow again. While Krakow is most known for her leading role as Elizabeth Thatcher on the Hallmark series "When Calls the Heart," she starred alongside Hynes in the 2021 flick "It Was Always You."

When talking with Entertainment Tonight, the Pennsylvania native revealed that, after landing the leading role in their shared flick, she suggested that Hynes star opposite of her. "She expressed that to me, which, I'm not sure exactly why she did that," Hynes told the outlet about the revelation. "I'm very thankful she did because we had a very nice time. Erin's an incredible human being and a very, very talented actor."

Hynes isn't alone in wanting to collaborate with Krakow again, as "The Wedding Cottage" actor shared a similar sentiment after filming wrapped for their initial project. "I've found a great collaborator in Tyler and we really liked working together, so hopefully there will be more projects in our future," she said. With "It Was Always You" being such a hit, we can't help but agree with these two Hallmark stars.