The Significance Of Paris Hilton's Daughter London's Two Middle Names

Paris Hilton is a mom, two times over. After keeping her son's arrival a secret from everyone — including her family — she announced the arrival of Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum in February 2023, via surrogacy. For her next surprise, she added a daughter to the family just months later. 

While Hilton told mom Kathy Hilton and a few others about the impending arrival of her second child, she waited until Thanksgiving 2023 to tell the rest of her kin and the world at large that baby London had entered the building.

Even with all the hush-hush about her children being born, the one thing she did reveal early on was the name of her daughter. In January 2022, she shared her thoughts about having a family on "The Ellen Show," saying she already had both a boy's name and a girl's name picked out. "The girl is going to be named London Marilyn Hilton Reum," she declared. The reason for the first name seems fairly obvious, with the socialite confirming, "London is my favorite city, and I think Paris and London sound cute together." The two middle names, though, have even more significance for Hilton, as they give nods to some very important figures in her life.

Her middle name Marilyn is doubly significant for mom Hilton

"I've been planning my children's names for years and years," Paris Hilton explained on her podcast, "I Am Paris," in February 2023. Given that she's had her daughter's name, London Marilyn Hilton Reum, tucked away for such a long time, it only makes sense that there's some significant meaning behind the names chosen. Beyond the city theme, London's first middle name, Marilyn, has two very special meanings.

Hilton chose the name "Marilyn" in honor of her grandma Hilton. "My grandmother Marilyn was one of the most beautiful women inside and out," the star wrote on Instagram. "She was charismatic, fun, full of life, and had a heart of gold." The name follows suit, with older son Phoenix bearing her grandpa Hilton's middle name, Barron. Hilton's sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, also gave one of her daughters the middle name of Marilyn.

The reality star may have also chosen the name as a nod to her idol, Hollywood's retro glamour queen Marilyn Monroe. Hilton has been open about her admiration of the bold blonde, and has dressed like her on more than one occasion, including for the red-carpet premiere of one of her fragrances. "I've always loved Marilyn Monroe since I was a little girl," she told CBS News. "I think she's such an icon." 

The Hilton name is part of London's legacy

Paris Hilton married Carter Reum in November 2021, choosing to stick with both her well-known first and last name in the public eye. It may seem like her daughter, London Marilyn Hilton Reum, carries the two last names that match her parents, but her birth certificate shows a different story — Hilton is actually the child's second middle name. 

The name Hilton was famous long before "The Simple Life" star joined the clan. Her great-great grandfather, Conrad Hilton, is the man who started the famous chain of hotels that led to a dynasty of business tycoons, a rich life, and a history of famous family members. Although no longer owned by the Hilton family, the name is still associated with over 7,000 hotels, and the blonde heiress has been a spokesperson for the brand for over a year.

Hilton herself has created a brand with the Hilton name, from reality TV star to entrepreneur, from singer to actor, from fashion icon to DJ. Sharing the name Hilton with her daughter (and son Phoenix, who also has Hilton as a middle name), is a way for the star to pass down a piece of her family's history and success. "I just feel like my last name is such a big part of me," she explained on "Paris in Love."  "It's my family legacy."