Adrienne Bailon Fires Back At Critics Of Her Bikini Photos

Adrienne Bailon wears many hats as a singer, actress, and television personality. Many know her from her days in singing group 3LW and films such as Disney's "The Cheetah Girls." She later turned her attention to talk shows, hosting the daytime series "The Real" until it ended in 2022. Since then, the multifaceted entertainer is keeping busy with other endeavors such, as her vegan fashion line, LA VOÛTE, and most importantly, her family, which she often shows off on Instagram. However, during a recent family trip with her loved ones, Bailon faced criticism online for her vacation swim looks.

Bailon is not known for showing much skin online. With that in mind, she shocked fans when she shared an Instagram Reel on December 13, 2023, displaying several of her swimsuits for the beach. One of them was a black two-piece bikini, which was certainly something different from her mostly chic IG looks. Even in a June 2023 IG carousel post, Bailon posed on the beach in a one-piece swimsuit, though that didn't attract much controversy. With the latest image showing more of her body in a two-piece, however, some viewers accused the mom of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Bailon shot down the accusation, making it crystal clear where she inherited her great physique.

Bailon shot down surgery talks

In her viral December 2023 video that left her followers talking, E! News correspondent Adrienne Bailon expressed that she wanted to give her fans some behind-the-scenes content from her Mexico vacation. As explained in the caption, Bailon initially decided against using social media on her trip but changed her mind. The former child star proceeded to list the details of each piece she wore. Bailon revealed that the infamous black bikini was made by ViX Paula Hermanny, and Prada made the accompanying sunglasses. What was meant to be a "Get Ready With Me" style clip turned into a discussion about her body. One fan wrote, "Wow, you have a great surgeon." Bailon hopped in the comment section to respond directly to the user, replying, "Wow... this is the greatest compliment... my surgeon is @nyricanmama."

The IG user @Nyricanmama is none other than Bailon's mother, Nilda Felix. Therefore, Bailon's remark was a nod to Felix, insinuating that she handed down her genetics to her famous daughter. Felix has gained a large online following of her own, with over 35,000 people keeping up with her via Instagram. She frequently shares images of her grandchildren, which include Bailon's son, James. Additionally, Felix makes appearances on Bailon's YouTube channel, "Love Adrienne." While Bailon shot down talks that she underwent the common body procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift or tummy tuck, she has never shied away from past beautification treatments.

Bailon has expressed regret about undergoing plastic surgery in the past

Adrienne Bailon previously underwent a breast augmentation when she was just 19 years old. During an August 2013 episode of "The Real," Bailon said, "I had been like a little girl group for such a long time, you want to feel sexy and womanly, and maybe I'll get bigger boobs. So I did. At 19 years old, I went and got breast implants, and I went from one insecurity to another insecurity." Bailon eventually had the implants removed after becoming embarrassed at the increase in stares.

Since then, the "No More" vocalist has been open about loving herself. Unfortunately, the rumors about possible plastic surgery remain. There was even speculation that Bailon underwent a nose job and face fillers. However, Bailon has maintained her stance that she would not resort to getting work done on her face. Sadly, Bailon has had to get used to people commenting on her looks. During a 2018 episode of "The Real," she was forced to address her fluctuating weight, which she attributed to her struggles to conceive a child during that time. Thankfully, Bailon is now a mother and seems comfortable with her looks.