How Kory Keefer Really Feels About Malia & Sam

Things heated up on Season 3 of Bravo's "Winter House." The reality show puts many Bravolebrities together for a drama-filled winter vacation and is the spin-off series to "Summer House." Kory Keefer has appeared on both "Summer House" and "Winter House," but he raised eyebrows in "Winter House" Season 3 for engaging in a bit of flirtationship with co-star Malia White — despite being somewhat romantically involved with Sam Feher from "Summer House." That became a subplot of "Winter House" Season 3.

While Keefer was on "Watch What Happens Live!" in December 2023, host Andy Cohen shared poll results where 97% of "WWHL" viewers thought Keefer "should have defined his relationship" with Feher earlier than he did. Keefer agreed that he should have done that. "Kind of reliving it, we've talked about this throughout but then seeing it happen again — hindsight is 20/20 and of course, I would. If I could go back, it would be 100% different and I would have defined it immediately going in there," Keefer told the host. 

Later in the interview, Cohen asked if Keefer avoided putting a label on his "situationship" with Feher so he could "bang everybody in the house." Keefer said no and, "It was just me being a dumb guy trying to push, you know, not having that conversation as much as possible just because I'm not ... I don't like talking about my feelings a lot. And then, now it blew up in my face."

Keefer said his relationship with White was a 'brother-sister' one

Kory Keefer was right that since he put off that dreaded DTR conversation, things escalated more than necessary. When Keefer invited Sam Feher to visit the Winter House, she saw how Malia White and Keefer interacted and wasn't too happy (via Bravo's The Daily Dish). In a snippet from the "Winter House" Season 3 finale shared on YouTube, Feher got emotional while speaking with White about the situation. Although White made it clear she didn't feel anything for Keefer, Feher said, "[Keefer and I are] not in a defined relationship, so. I guess that's up for interpretation. Whatever, it's fine."

White actually helped Feher admit that she loved Keefer. "He has to figure it out. And just know that he really cares about you," White told her. The clip also showed the beginning of a talk that sorted things out for Keefer and Feher. 

On Bravo's The Daily Dish, Keefer was also quoted as telling Andy Cohen more about his friendship with White: "We definitely had a very brother-sister relationship, but there [were] times where, if I had allowed that boundary to be crossed, it would have." He claimed that he had no feelings for White, although he believed she had a crush on him (contradicting what White told Feher). "I was a dumb boy, and I still am," Keefer added on how the lines in his friendship with White got blurred.

Kory Keefer and Sam Feher are happily official

Watching "Winter House" Season 3 as the episodes dropped helped Kory Keefer realize why Sam Feher was so upset about his interactions with Malia White, according to Bravo's The Daily Dish. Keefer and Feher are in an official (albeit long-distance) relationship as of December 2023, which he talked about with Andy Cohen and on a November 2023 podcast episode.

Keefer appeared on the "Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister" podcast before the "Winter House" finale drop. He said how he and Feher should have decided on their relationship status before he did the show, but that he started the show planning to only be friends with every girl he met on "Winter House."

As for where his and Feher's relationship was, Keefer hinted at that finale conversation and said it had a happy ending since he and Feher were officially dating: "We are 100% dating, official." They had been since March — when "Winter House" was filmed. However, rewatching the "Winter House" episodes stirred up the issues and emotions (along with lots of talk on social media), but Keefer said all that didn't need to affect their present relationship.