Charlie Sheen Is Realistic About His Hollywood Future After Years Of Chaos

Charlie Sheen (which isn't his real name, by the way) has faced many ups and downs over the years. As the son of acting legend Martin Sheen and brother to Emilio Estévez, Sheen hails from a strong line of actors. He found early success by landing roles in popular sitcoms of the early 2000s, including "Spin City." Most people probably know  Sheen for his role in the hit CBS series "Two and a Half Men." His character, the sardonic playboy Charlie Harper, was a fan favorite and made the show extremely popular. In the early 2010s, Sheen was among the highest-paid TV actors in the world, BBC reports. 

Sheen was on top of his game at that time. However, things took a turn for the worse when his chaotic personal life began to bleed into his career life. In early 2011, Sheen had fans concerned when he checked himself into rehab after being rushed to the hospital for extreme pain in his abdomen. He engaged in several brutally honest interviews around this time, during which he openly discussed his drug and alcohol addictions. He even bashed the creator of "Two and a Half Men," Chuck Lorre, in some of these intense interviews. Sheen's missteps kept stacking up until eventually, he was fired from the show that had made him into a household name.

Years later, the actor seems to have reconciled with his past and is ready to move forward. He's got plans to break back into TV acting, but he's keeping a level head about his expectations for his future in Hollywood.

He's excited to have a fresh start

If you're a fan of Charlie Sheen, we have some great news for you. After an extended hiatus from acting, the iconic actor is ready to make his big comeback to the small screen. In fact, Sheen is already making his return to TV acting a reality. In November, he appeared in two episodes of Chuck Lorre's Max sports comedy "Bookie." Yes — this is the very same Chuck Lorre that Sheen worked (and feuded) with for years on "Two and a Half Men."

The "Spin City" star told People that being back in front of the camera for his role in "Bookie" was absolutely tantalizing. He felt himself becoming the actor he was at the beginning of his career. "For the longest time, I had the best work reputation," Sheen recalled in his interview. "I was the first to arrive, last to leave, when in doubt I'd over-prepare." He admitted that he was thrilled to be feeling that way while filming "Bookie."

Sheen is ready to get serious about acting again, but one thing he won't be taking too seriously is himself. Lorre told the New York Post that Sheen was a good sport about how "Bookie" portrayed him. Lorre admitted that the script cracks a few jokes about Sheen's energetic personality, and Sheen, who plays himself in the show, didn't find any of it offensive. "He's totally willing to make fun of himself," Lorre explained. "He has a really good perspective on himself and there's a lightness to it."

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He's taking his new journey one step at a time

When it comes to his future in Hollywood, Charlie Sheen isn't going to get his hopes up. But he's not keeping them low, either. He has a new mantra in life, and it's helping to keep the eccentric TV star grounded as he enters the world of acting once more. Sheen told People that he's keeping his expectations for his career in check. "I'm not building any wild fantasies about what this is going to lead to," he stated. "I'm just going to live inside of exactly what the moment is, what the experience is, and if it spurs or sparks another opportunity, that's amazing." Sheen went on to say that if opportunities are sparse, he wouldn't hesitate to create his own opportunity.

Could his next big "opportunity" be a possible "Two and a Half Men" reunion in the future? Since he worked with Chuck Lorre on "Bookie," it's the question on the mind of every fan. Like Sheen, it's best to keep your expectations neutral about the reunion show. According to the show's creator, a reunion with the original cast members isn't likely, but he's not completely against the idea, either. "It's foolish to say never," Lorre told Variety. "It's still to me more gratifying and fun to do new stuff. And to let the stuff we did in the past be the past." 

Even if it's in a brand-new show, we're excited to see more of Sheen on our TV screens soon.