Alec Baldwin Isn't Shy About His Crush On Barbra Streisand

We've all had a celeb crush or two — including celebs themselves. Since stars are much more likely to actually meet their celebrity crushes than the rest of us are, it's really no surprise when they shoot their shot. This is exactly what Alec Baldwin has done time and time again with none other than Barbra Streisand. And, hey — who can blame him? Recently, though, a comment that Baldwin made on Instagram has caught folks' attention.

While plenty of fans love Streisand from afar, Baldwin actually knows her IRL. In 2016, Baldwin joined Streisand on her album, "Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway." When Streisand invited the actor to sing "The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened" with her, he wasn't sure if he could hack it with such a renowned singer. Luckily, Streisand persisted. "You're a personality and it's perfect for the song," she told the Associated Press that she had explained to Baldwin. "Will you try with me? Because if it's really terrible we won't use it. Will you experiment with me? Will you play with me?"

It seems that Streisand's plea did more than just secure a duet with Baldwin; it also made him fall head over heels for the singer. Seven years later on October 24, 2023, it seems that Baldwin was so overwhelmed by an old video of Streisand performing that was posted to a fan account that he simply had to comment. He wrote on the Instagram post, "My God. This is the hottest woman. Ever."

Baldwin's comments about Streisand garnered mixed feelings from fans

In the black-and-white video posted to Instagram, Barbra Streisand performed her song from the '60s called "Lover, Come Back to Me." While it may have been easy for folks who happened upon the video to miss Alec Baldwin's lovestruck comment, it was reposted to the Instagram account Comments by Celebs for all to see. There, Baldwin's comment gained over 20,000 likes and nearly 200 comments in just a few days. Many of these comments were bashing Baldwin.

"Very weird comment when he has a wife," one Instagram user asserted. Many others also mentioned how Baldwin's statement might affect his wife, Hilaria, who he married in 2012 and with whom he has seven children. Plenty of comments on the post poked fun at the scandal surrounding Hilaria being misleading about her heritage with jokes like, "Hilaria uncovers her Jewish heritage when?" Others simply echoed Baldwin's sentiment. One wrote, "He's not wrong about this one tho." Baldwin has since deleted his comment. 

Celebrity crushes are one thing, but since Baldwin actually does know Streisand in real life, it puts a bit of a different twist on his statement. Furthermore, in 2018, he told The Hollywood Reporter, "I met a handful of people who what you think they are in a fantasy is fulfilled when you meet them." According to him, this was true of Streisand. "When you meet her, you're like, 'Oh, my God. She's so incredible,'" he explained. 

Baldwin and Streisand are both happily married ... to other people

Despite Alec Baldwin's big crush on Barbra Streisand and his unusual openness about it, in reality, the two stars are happily married to other people. Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, welcomed their seventh child in 2022. And, Streisand's successful marriage to fellow actor, James Brolin, has been going strong since 1998. The couple shares four adult stepchildren from their previous marriages.

Still, despite his understanding of Streisand's happy home with her longtime hubby, it seems that he still has a fantasy where things are different — and he's not afraid to admit it. "I said it before and I'll say it again, right now we could be divorced and be very happy, the two of us. I could have been a great Barbra Streisand ex-husband," the actor joked to The Hollywood Reporter. "I said to her, I'm in her house ... Just think — we could be divorced and still in love; we're still in love. I know you have Jim," he says of Brolin, "and I love Jim. But, we were divorced, and we're still in love. And, we're at the house. Jim is there asleep on the couch, and we're eating Chinese food and watching movies." 

It's clear that Baldwin isn't letting this one go. As for being Streisand's ex-husband, that doesn't seem to be in the cards. But, he can keep commenting on videos of her — so long as he doesn't mind a little backlash.