Olivia Rodrigo's Most Embarrassing Social Media Moment Is Totally Relatable

Even the most successful stars have imperfect lives — and they can make embarrassing mistakes on social media, just like non-celebs. Singer Olivia Rodrigo is not exempt from such awkward moments online. While speaking with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" in December 2023, she explained that she doesn't follow anyone on social media to keep her from using her phone as much.

Rodrigo continued, "I had this very embarrassing encounter once, where I was stalking my ex — as one does, sue me, sorry — and I accidentally followed him 'cause I was stalking him." Since she followed no one else, it was a very noticeable mistake. Rodrigo told Fallon how her friend told her what happened and to unfollow him fast. Just as she opened Instagram, Rodrigo's phone died, adding another layer to the comedy of errors.

Eventually, the "deja vu" singer got her phone charged up and unfollowed her ex. Everyone thought her account had been hacked, unaware that it was an unintentional move from Rodrigo. Rodrigo told Fallon that now, she has an anonymous Instagram account (a "finsta," or "Fake Instagram") in addition to her main account.

Fans saw Rodrigo follow and unfollow a rumored ex

Although the ex-boyfriend that Olivia Rodrigo accidentally followed was not confirmed during her Jimmy Fallon interview, Buzzfeed News reported that in July 2022, Rodrigo followed and unfollowed Joshua Bassett — and that the action didn't go unnoticed by fans. It can be assumed that Bassett is the ex from Rodrigo's social media faux pas story since there is lots of speculation that the duo dated after meeting on "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series."

Rodrigo's relationship with Bassett was a heavily discussed topic in pop culture after Rodrigo released her song "drivers license." The track sparked a lot of drama and is rumored to be one of many songs she's written about her speculated relationship with Bassett. So when she randomly followed Bassett on Instagram, fans were shocked (and couldn't help but meme the moment). 

TikToker @youbrokemefirst91 shared out-of-context clips of an excited Rodrigo freaking out with a screenshot of her following only Bassett overlayed on top. The caption read, "Current mood after seeing Olivia follow and then unfollow Joshua tonight." One of the clips showed Rodrigo saying, "This is too much excitement for such a little girl."

Olivia Rodrigo discussed the negatives of social media

Her interview with Jimmy Fallon isn't the first time Olivia Rodrigo has opened up about social media. While speaking with Drew Barrymore on "The Drew Barrymore Show" in March 2022, Rodrigo discussed how not having siblings to spend time with could have been part of why she picked up songwriting. She added, "I think boredom is like the, what's the word, catalyst for a bunch of creative things."

Barrymore then questioned if it was even possible to be bored in this day and age. Rodrigo agreed it was difficult. When Barrymore asked if Rodrigo ever turned her phone off to work, Rodrigo said, "Yes, I need to. I very much restrict all of my social media because I think it's A. such a time suck and B. it can make you, like, so sad and depressed sometimes, 'cause people can be really weird on there."

The women also touched on the importance of stepping away from social media for mental health. Barrymore suggested that people should go for one day a week with no phones. "There is a shift, a church-like, spiritual shift, when you disconnect," she said. Rodrigo may have taken those words to heart, although she still uses social media sometimes (and, of course, has that finsta).