What Really Went Down With Tate McRae And Cole Sillinger?

Pop singer and dancer Tate McRae is one of the fastest-growing stars over the last couple of years. She appeared as the first Canadian finalist on Season 13 of "So You Think You Can Dance," and ventured into the music industry by creating her own YouTube channel in 2017. However, it would take a few years for McRae to become the name she is today. With the increased use of Instagram and TikTok during the pandemic, McRae gained a following on both platforms, and when her single "Greedy" went viral on TikTok, she established herself as one to watch. Along with furthering her career, finding fans on social media also meant that McRae was getting noticed more in mainstream media, and Cole Sillinger was one person who definitely noticed her.

Sillinger was drafted into the NHL in 2021, and he currently plays front center for the Columbus Blue Jackets. The hockey player ignited dating rumors in 2021 when he was a guest on the ShowBound podcast and revealed that McRae was one of his celebrity crushes. The singer caught wind of the interview, and she was curious enough to pursue a relationship with Sillinger.

Sillinger and McRae connected through mutual friends

While Tate McRae only really opens up about her love life in her music, once dating rumors began about her and Cole Sillinger, the couple didn't keep everything to themselves. After he mentioned her as one of his celebrity crushes in 2021, McRae revealed in a TikTok livestream that Sillinger attended one of her concerts in Boston and she subsequently went to one of his games the next night. A few months later, the couple hinted at their relationship again on social media after posting photos together on vacation.

In an interview with McRae in August 2022, the "Greedy" singer opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the start of her relationship with Sillinger and how they actually connected. She said, "He's one of my brother's friend's friends, so it all worked out. It was really funny — I was like 'I can forever hold this over you till the day you die, that I was your celebrity crush.'"

McRae and Sillinger called it quits in 2023

Things started to go sideways for Tate McRae and Cole Sillinger in 2023, when fans noticed that the hockey player had deleted his photos with the singer on Instagram and the couple hadn't continued to post any pictures with one another. Gossip about the status of her relationship with Sillinger got even stronger when she announced her second studio album "Think Later," posting a picture of the album cover where McRae is wearing hockey pads incorrectly. Fans criticized the singer for the wrong placement of the pads, but some speculated whether or not the hockey-themed cover said anything about her potential breakup with Sillinger.

McRae is relatively private about her personal life, particularly in the media. However, in a September 2023 interview with SiriusXM, when asked about her love life, she set the record straight. McRae responded, "I am single at the moment." While we don't know exactly when or how McRae and Sillinger's relationship ended, it's clear that she's moved on as McRae prepares for her "Think Later" tour starting in 2024.