What You Don't Know About Tate McRae

You may know Tate McRae for her hauntingly-beautiful voice and moves that border on contortionist ballerina. But there's more to this Canadian teenage singer-songwriter than you might think. First, her full name is Tatum Rosner McRae (via All Famous), and although she's only 17, she's already spent years on stage and in front of the camera thanks to those super-impressive dance skills.

In 2016, when Tate was 12, she competed on So You Think You Can Dance and took third place with her contemporary moves (via YouTube). Before that, she danced alongside Justin Bieber on stage, performed on Ellen, and contributed her dancing prowess to a music video for Walk Off the Earth's song, "Rule the World" (via CBC). What keeps her 1.1 million Instagram followers liking, sharing, and generally Tate-obsessed today, though, is that voice. McRae's songs and accompanying music videos seem to tap into angsty teenage sentiments like nothing else (okay, 30-somethings can relate, too) and her fans are here for it.

Tate McRae soared to success on YouTube

Like Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, and Tori Kelly, Tate McRae found musical fame on YouTube. According to Vice, McRae started her YouTube channel in 2017 as an outlet for sharing some of the original songs she'd been writing since she was a little kid. In the video for "One Day" — her debut single — she remarked that the song was something she'd "whipped up last night in like an hour." Today, that video has amassed 33 million views. Um, okay, sometimes we can't even whip up dinner in an hour, let alone a hit song.

But that's the kind of traction this girl's talent has. Her song got the attention of RCA records and she signed to the label in 2019, according to Music Connection. She told the outlet, "I'm super excited to be releasing my new single and signing to a label. This whole process of me releasing music started in my bedroom and now I am recording in a studio — it's crazy! "

Tate McRae's star keeps on rising

McRae's first label-backed single, "Tear Myself Apart," was co-written with Billie Eilish and Eilish's songwriter partner and brother Finneas; it was part of McRae's five-song EP entitled All The Things I Never Said, which was released in January 2020 (via NME). Some might say McRae's voice has similar soft and soulful tones to Eilish's. When NME asked McRae how she felt about that, it was clear she takes the comparison as a compliment, saying, "She's amazing. It's a very cool comparison and not a bad one, for sure."

Lately, it seems like McRae's success train doesn't stop. Just one week ago, she released a new single called "Don't Be Sad" and is set to perform at the pre-show for the MTV VMAs, where she was nominated for Best New Artist (via E!). Don't miss it — between her singing skills and dancing ability, McRae's performance will surely be one to watch. And for those of us 18 and over, our inner angsty teenagers will finally have their moment in the sun.