Who Is Whitney Thore's Brother Hunter Dating? The My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Is Smitten

There's a new love interest in one member of the Thore family's life, and it's the cutest thing you'll read about all day.

It's always a rollercoaster ride when you're keeping up with the Thore Family of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life." You never know what's going to happen next with the chaotic, fun-loving family from TLC's hit show, especially when it comes to Whitney Thore. As the face of the show, Whitney is the one who takes viewers with her as she and her family go about their everyday lives. Over the course of 11 seasons (and counting), we have seen a host of memorable moments, including the time Whitney finally had the chance to meet with her long-lost half-sister Angie and famously date a few frogs on her search to find Prince Charming. 

Now it looks like it's time for the next big life-changing experience for America's favorite flamboyant family but it has nothing to do with Whitney this time. While Whitney usually garners the most attention, right now, all eyes are on her brother, Hunter Thore. Like his sister, Hunter has been single for a while. Now the "MBFFL" star is leaving singledom behind as he embraces a brand-new relationship and the girl with whom he's smitten.

Hunter Thore looks madly in love in cute Christmas vid

Hunter Thore has a new boo, according to several social media posts. Whitney Thore was one of the people to break the news that her brother is dating someone new. She posted a cute Christmas video of the couple on her Instagram page. In the video, Hunter can be seen holding a glass of wine as he sits at a table in what appears to be a restaurant. His arm then links with another person's, who is also holding onto a wine glass. As the camera pans out, it's revealed that Hunter is seated across the table from a beautiful blonde. The couple then takes a sip from their respective glasses before a very happy-looking Hunter and his beaming girlfriend share a passionate kiss. What makes the short holiday video even cuter is the background music. Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas (Is You)" makes the perfect accompaniment for the sweet moment.

Who is this mysterious woman? Thanks to big sis, we have a name to go along with the face of Hunter's gorgeous girlfriend. Whitney tagged both her brother and his girlfriend, Karen Schmidt, in the post. According to Schmidt's Instagram profile, she is an aunt, an apparent cat lover, and a fitness buff who loves to work out.

'MBFFL' fans love that Hunter has found someone new

Hunter Thore has the support of his fans in his new relationship with Karen Schmidt. A host of fans have taken to online platforms, including Reddit, to express their happiness that the longtime single reality TV star has found someone with whom he's smitten. One Reddit user shared a gorgeous picture of Hunter and Schmidt at the premiere of his movie "Fattenin' Frogs for Snakes." Both Hunter and Schmidt are dressed in formal wear, with Hunter wearing a handsome gray suit, while his girlfriend rocked a V-neck little black dress. Behind them, Whitney Thore can be seen grinning from ear to ear, apparently photobombing the couple. "Yay!!! Hunter finally has a boo!" the user wrote. "And she's so pretty. They look cute together." Other users shared the same sentiment.

Even though fans are glad to see Hunter leave singledom behind him, they aren't convinced that sister Whitney is quite as happy about this new development. Fans are speculating that Whitney, who has a rocky relationship history, is probably angry that her brother has a girlfriend while she's still single. As one person on Reddit put it, "Our girl can no longer drag Hunter down with her when talking about being hopelessly single!" Another person responded with, "I bet Whit is seething." So far, Whitney has yet to publicly state anything negative about her brother and Schmidt.

As of this writing, Schmidt's Instagram is set to private, so it looks like we'll have to wait for more episodes of "MBFFL" to learn more about this developing relationship.