What To Know About MBFFL Star Whitney Thore's Half-Sister, Angie

Whitney Thore continues to captivate TLC viewers, and the latest season of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" is no exception, offering plenty of unexpected twists, to say the least. While Whitney is known for promoting body positivity and navigating her complex relationships, the eleventh season teases life-changing revelations and uncovers a more vulnerable side of the star as she copes with the heartbreaking death of her mom.

Whitney is doing her best to continue living in a world without her mother, and she couldn't do it without a strong support system. Her family, including her father Glenn Thore and brother Hunter Thore, stands firmly by her side as she candidly navigates the complexities of grief in front of TLC's cameras. Alongside this emotional journey, new family members have come to light.

In an attempt to take his mind off grief, Whitney and Hunter decided to create a bucket list for their dad. As part of this list, Glenn expressed a desire to connect with his first-born daughter, Angie, whom nobody in the family has had the chance to meet before.

Angela Burdett embraced her long-lost family

In a surprising twist during Season 11 of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life," Whitney Thore's long-lost half-sister, Angela Burdett, nicknamed Angie, was revealed. Angela and Whitney share a father, Glenn Thore, and had never met before the episode was filmed. Angela's mother, Jackie, was once in a relationship with Glenn, but she gave Angela up for adoption when she was a baby, which is why Glenn has also never met her.

Although the Thore family didn't capture the moment they found out about Angela on camera, their initial meeting was documented, and Angela seamlessly became a part of the family. She later even shared some photos to her Instagram account, proving that everyone accepted each other with ease.

As reported by The U.S. Sun, Angela works as a bartender in an Alabama bar and is a mother to a son, Cody, and a daughter named Jaime. She was previously married to James Daughdrill, which is why some of her social media accounts still carry that surname. Angela is currently married to Frank Burdett.

Whitney quickly formed close bonds with other relatives too

Other than a sister, Whitney Thore expanded her family by welcoming a few more members. Angela Burdett has two kids of her own, making Whitney their half-aunt. Whitney took to Instagram to share the joy of attending Jaime's bachelorette party and showcase their close bond, captioning the post, "Thank you, Jaime, for making me AUNT WHITNEY! I love you."

Cody, Burdett's son, wasn't featured on the "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" meetup episode and remained unfeatured in social media posts. However, according to a photo posted by his sister, Cody has a child, officially making Glenn Thore a great-grandfather. Burdett did share a sweet video of Glenn holding hands with a little girl on the beach, under which Whitney commented, "Great Grandaddy Glenn! Love you!!" Given all the aforementioned information, the girl is presumably Cody's daughter, as Jaime has no kids.

It remains unclear whether Barbara Thore knew of Glenn's daughter and the circumstances of her upbringing. However, Angela confirmed that they never crossed paths before Babs' passing in a lengthy comment, additionally writing, "I see her reflection in my beautiful sister." Despite the missed opportunity for them to meet, it appears that Whitney has found solace and connection with her newfound family members.