Details Revealed About The Driver Who Crashed Into Biden's Motorcade

By now, you have likely seen the shocking footage of a car crashing into President Joe Biden's motorcade. The video was shared widely on social media including on X, formerly known as Twitter.  Now, new details about the crash have come to light. According to a spokesman for the Wilmington, Delaware police department, the car that crashed into Biden's motorcade on Sunday night was driven by a man named James Cooper, a 46-year-old resident of Wilmington.

As the president and some of his campaign staffers were leaving dinner at their campaign headquarters on the night of December 17, shortly after 8 p.m., Cooper slammed his car into a Secret Service vehicle that was acting as part of Biden's security detail. Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident. David Karas, a police department spokesperson, told CNN that Cooper is being charged with two offenses: driving under the influence (DUI) and inattentive driving.

The authorities have determined that Cooper had not intended to interfere with Biden's motorcade and have labeled the incident accidental. The scene at the time, however, was quite a dramatic one and left many people speculating as to what had happened. 

President Joe Biden was quickly driven away from the scene of the crash

When the collision occurred, President Joe Biden had not yet made his way to his vehicle, as he was still speaking to reporters. Suddenly, a loud crashing noise was heard, and footage captured Biden looking around for the source of the sound, appearing startled and concerned. Secret Service took action, leading the president back to his motorcade, where he was ushered into the car where his wife, Jill Biden, was already waiting. The couple was swiftly driven out of the area to safety, as it was not yet known whether or not the president and first lady were in immediate danger. 

Concurrently, authorities surrounded the silver sedan that had slammed into a Secret Service vehicle, which had been intentionally blocking an intersection to keep unauthorized vehicles and people out of the area. With law enforcement, who reportedly drew their weapons, surrounding his car, James Cooper immediately surrendered and was taken into custody. With reporters and media already on the scene having expected a quiet interview with President Biden about his 2024 campaign, and instead witnessing a shocking accident, news of the incident quickly spread.

People had suspicions about the accident

Before it was revealed that the crash had been an accident, speculation as to whether the driver who plowed into President Joe Biden's motorcade might have had nefarious intentions circulated on social media. On X, one person wrote: "Doubtful it was accidental. How does a speeding car get that close to a presidential motorcade." Another person tweeted, "No way this was a typical accident, there isn't a slight possibility a civilian car could get close to a presidential motorcade." 

Others were worried about the length of time that it took the Secret Service to get Biden away from the scene. After the crash was heard, Biden stood alone for several seconds before being ushered into his car — something that people believe should have happened much more quickly, especially given that it wasn't immediately known that the president wasn't in danger. "Could the Secret Service move any slower? This is scary," tweeted one person. Another wrote: "That is some incredibly slow reaction time by the Secret Service agents closest to POTUS. Shockingly casual. Thank God this wasn't anything serious."

The driver of the car, James Cooper, has since been released from police custody with an official summons to appear in court to answer to the charges laid against him. There is not yet word as to when Cooper's day in court will come.