Kevin Bacon Went To Extreme Lengths To Make Kyra Sedgwick Fall For Him

It's fun hearing the love stories of long-lasting couples. Actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick know how to make their relationship work. However, their relationship started with a few schemes from Bacon. While being interviewed on "Conan," Sedgwick explained that the couple met on the set of the movie "Lemon Sky." Bacon set up nightly group dinners with the cast, but Sedgwick turned them down every time. Sedgwick said: "And later on [Bacon] told me that the only person he wanted to say yes was me, and I never said yes — and he was always stuck with the check. Poor guy."

After filming a massage scene for the movie, Bacon asked Sedgwick if she'd ever had a massage and suggested she go to the massage therapist at his hotel. Since the massages happened in a room off the hotel gym, Bacon also said if they were both done at the same time, they could meet in the gym afterward and go to dinner. 

Sedgwick planned on not meeting him — but somehow, Bacon finished his workout at the same time. Sedgwick didn't realize the timing was intentional until later. She said, "Years later, he told me he'd actually called downstairs and asked when I was getting massaged, which is kind of creepy..." Sedgwick then laughed at that memory.

Kevin Bacon didn't remember the first time he actually met Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick shared a story of their actual first meeting in a joint People cover story interview in 2023 — and it wasn't on the set of "Lemon Sky." Bacon recalled that Sedgwick's mother took her and her brother to see one of his plays in New York when she was a kid. After the show, a then-12-year-old Sedgwick and her brother saw Bacon at a deli and Sedgwick went up to compliment his performance.

Sedgwick explained, however, that Bacon didn't remember that initial meeting when they met later on. She added that she felt like it was destiny for her and Bacon to collaborate on a project, so when he left the cast of "Lemon Sky" and was set to be replaced, she knew he would return to the project — and he did.

Sedgwick admitted she was "very standoffish" at first, but added, "We had dinner one night, and that was it." She also joked that they fell in love when she criticized how expensive the food was at the restaurant. Bacon laughed at that and later said, "She was a knockout." He didn't just compliment Sedgwick's looks, however. He added that she was an incredibly talented actor, which he was drawn to.

The couple said they 'have no secret' to their relationship

Throughout their relationship, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have collaborated on many projects. They've acted alongside each other and sometimes directed each other. Bacon and Sedgwick also have two kids, who both have careers based in the arts and entertainment as well and have worked with their parents before, too.

In September 2023, the "Loverboy" co-stars celebrated 35 years of marriage. A few months prior to that milestone on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," the couple admitted, "We have no secret," when asked about the "secret" to their relationship's longevity. However, when Sedgwick gave her perspective on when Bacon had to return her engagement ring because she didn't like it, Clarkson said: "Better to be honest! This is the secret, right off the bat." Sedgwick replied, "Yes, exactly." 

When their 35th anniversary rolled around, Sedgwick and Bacon shared sweet tributes on Instagram. Sedgwick's post was a photo of them from the '80s with the caption, "It was 1987 — on the set of 'Lemon Sky' — I met a man named Kevin. Happy 35 my love." Bacon posted a throwback photo as well, with the caption, "35 years feels like a heartbeat. #Anniversary."