HGTV's Erin And Ben Napier Had A 'Miracle' Happen With Their Family Rabbit

While Erin and Ben Napier have chosen to keep their children's faces off of social media, the "Home Town" hosts still manage to provide glimpses into their southern, family-oriented lifestyle on their social media pages. This was the case back in 2021 when Erin took to Instagram to share a miraculous story about their daughter's pet rabbit, wowing fans with the feel-good story.

"Guys. Helen's bunny, Madison, disappeared 4 months ago," Erin wrote in the post. "We let her run around the yard and she slipped out through a hole in the fence. We looked everywhere for her." While this was undoubtedly devastating news for Helen, the couple's eldest daughter, the story had an amazingly happy ending: The bunny made it home safe and sound, no harm done. 

"This morning, our director, Kirk, found her hopping down our street and brought her home," the interior designer continued. "Miracle bunny." The photo, which featured a wide-eyed Ben holding the fluffy friend, definitely captures the miraculous turn of this southern living anecdote.

The couple has talked about Helen's furry friend in the past

Before their bunny's escape, Erin and Ben Napier talked about their daughter's connection to the pet on the Southern Living podcast "Biscuits & Jam." In the episode, which is titled "Erin and Ben Napier's Home Town Pride," the then-pregnant Erin mentioned how Helen was treating her pet rabbit like a baby as she eagerly awaited the arrival of her new little sister, Mae.

"As soon as she wakes up in the morning she goes to get Madison the rabbit...out of her little hutch in the yard," the Mississippi native explained. She added that the pet was named Madison after Daryl Hannah's mermaid character in the 1984 movie "Splash." "She gets her and brings her inside and carries her like a baby and feeds her spinach and she sits her down and takes pictures of her and says, 'Look at mommy. One, two, three.'"

With Helen's attachment to Madison in mind, we can only imagine how thrilled the little one was to find what was assumed to be a long-lost friend. This isn't the only time that the oldest Napier child has experienced her animal-loving nature, though, as she also had quite the attachment to the family's dog.

The Napiers also have a significant attachment to their dogs

The rescued rabbit story isn't the only time that Erin and Ben Napier have taken to Instagram to showcase their children's animal attachment. In January 2022, Erin shared a heartbreaking video of her oldest daughter Helen missing Baker, the family dog who had passed away the previous year. "Everything was good with Baker," Helen says tearily from under a knitted blanket. "Now I'm just lonely without a friend at my house."

While the clip is definitely a tear-jerker, Helen and Napier fans weren't left in the heartbreak for long, as the couple took the opportunity to introduce the newest addition to their family. "Problem (😭) —> Solution. Meet the new Baker!" the HGTV host wrote, pairing the video with a photo of Ben and their fluffy new puppy. The new Baker was also introduced on the Season 7 premiere of "Home Town," as Ben and Erin surprised Helen with the furry friend during a picnic.

"Something about being a kid and growing up and having a dog tag along with you on your adventures, it just makes it more memorable," Ben said on the episode. Surrounded by furry friends like Madison and Baker, we're assured that the Napiers are in good company.