Adam Devine's Proposal To Hallmark Star Chloe Bridges Didn't Quite Go As Planned

Comedian Adam Devine has plenty of bravado when it comes to acting. Just look at his cocky character, Bumper, in "Pitch Perfect," a role he shockingly almost passed on, who never backs down from a "Riff-Off." Or, when he starred as uptight Owen Browning in "The Out-Laws," a bank manager utterly unafraid to stand up to his criminally-minded relatives. Whether the part is comedic, romantic, or a little bit of both, fans can count on Devine to deliver.

But as it turns out, that wasn't the case when the "Modern Family" star attempted to pull off a picture-perfect proposal for his longtime girlfriend, Chloe Bridges. The duo began dating after meeting in transit on their way to film the horror-comedy "The Final Girls" back in 2014. Both familiar faces in Hollywood, they've since shared the screen on more than one occasion, and in 2019, Devine decided he wanted to share the rest of his life with Bridges.

The actor admitted to Us Weekly that carving out a spare moment to find a ring postponed their engagement from happening as soon as he would have liked. However, after settling on a sparkly stunner, Devine planned to take Bridges to the beach and propose sometime during the afternoon (presumably, when the light was just right). Except, he woke up incredibly early, filled with pre-proposal jitters — not exactly the start to the day Devine was hoping for.

Adam Devine couldn't handle the pressure

When the big day arrived for Adam Devine to propose to Hallmark star Chloe Bridges, he confessed to Us Weekly, "I woke up, like, three hours earlier than I normally do." Unfortunately, the "Workaholics" star found himself watching Bridges sleep, pondering their future, when she suddenly opened her eyes. Devine recalled how he was "Just, like, petting her. She's like, 'Oh, you're being weird.'" After an awkward start, the actor's nerves really started to get the better of him as Devine debated whether or not she would even say "yes" when he got down on one knee.

Realizing there was no way he could wait until later in the day, the "Bumper in Berlin" lead "freaked out and did it earlier." With his usually charming onscreen swagger gone, Devine rationalized his decision, figuring that if he proposed in the morning, they'd have the rest of the day to enjoy the moment. Despite her now-husband's nerves, Bridges' dreams did come true when Devine asked for her hand in marriage on their boat, just off the coast of Newport Bay, California.

She shared in a celebratory Instagram post, "I love this man with my whole heart and I am so excited to be with him forever. I've known we had a special connection since we first met." As it turns out, Devine had nothing to be worried about! If only he had known that earlier, the comedic star might have a better memory of the momentous occasion. Sadly, Devine was "totally blacked out from nerves," as he admitted to Vogue.

He's always been nervous around Bridges

For Adam Devine, being thrown off his game by Chloe Bridges isn't really anything new. In 2014, they appeared together in "The Final Girls," after meeting on the plane ride to Louisiana, at which point the nerves began to set in for Devine. "Chloe is a smart person who reads emails, and she knew who I was," he shared on "The Tonight Show," in 2022, after acknowledging that he didn't realize she was trying to form a bond as co-stars, "So she's trying to chat me up and meanwhile, I just think 'this babe is hitting on me!'" 

As Devine confessed, "I was a little overwhelmed, I had a girlfriend at the time." Things didn't improve much on set either, with Devine recalling to Vogue that he pretended to be entranced by his iPad while hanging out between takes and didn't really chat to Bridges at all. "I was scared of Chloe's beauty. Chloe thought I was big timing her," he revealed. Eventually, the actor overcame his fears (and broke up with that girlfriend) because Devine and Bridges' relationship is stronger than ever with the couple announcing they were expecting a baby in 2023.