Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 12/25

If there's anything that "Days of Our Lives" fans have learned about the holidays in this fictional town of Salem, it's that nothing is as peaceful and quiet as it seems. It's quite the opposite, in fact, as things are going to be anything but joyful for our favorite Salemites during the week of Monday, December 25. And we've got all the spoilers you need to know right here!

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers tease a Kiriakis Christmas family dinner that no one is going to forget, Leo making Sloan walk on eggshells, Nicole finally going to therapy with Marlena, and a New Year's Eve party at the Bistro that will reveal a lot of hidden secrets. At the same time, New Year's resolutions will be the last thing on anyone's mind.

Here's what's in store for "Days of Our Lives" fans during the week of December 25, 2023. You won't want to miss any of it.

Nicole has a heart-to-heart with Holly

During the Monday, December 25 episode, "Days of Our Lives" fans will see Nicole having a heart-to-heart conversation with her daughter, Holly. But this comes only after she finds the teen hungover. Later, they find Eric and take a trip down memory lane, discussing the past.

Elsewhere, Stefan seeks EJ's help to get rid of Clyde once and for all. Sloan can't help but walk on eggshells as Leo makes it pretty clear to her that he will reveal the truth about the baby swap if she steps out of line. Paulina finally agrees to go to the hospital, and with her daughter Chanel by her bedside, they get a diagnosis from Kayla. Also, Ava is worried that Harris will discover that she's been playing a role in Clyde's drug smuggling operation.

It's a very merry Kiriakis Christmas

On Tuesday, December 26, everyone gathers for a very merry Kiriakis Christmas dinner. Sarah makes it no secret that she's happy to be reunited with the people she loves, including Victoria and Xander. However, things are less than merry between Alex and Justin, and Theresa can't help but feel guilt. Konstantin also makes a grand entrance with a surprise announcement.

Meanwhile, Chad, Harris, and Everett have their own Christmas meal together at the Brady Pub. Elsewhere, Ava can't believe it when she finds out that Stefan has asked EJ for help. She's also awaiting shipment from Clyde and is trying to investigate the truth.

Wendy doesn't know if she's making the right decision

On the Wednesday, December 27 episode of "Days of Our Lives," Tripp tries to comfort Wendy and tell her that everything will be okay even though she feels pretty torn about leaving Salem. Later, Wendy bonds with Melinda over their similar upbringings. Also, Ava and Stefan are forced to hide the truth about their operation in front of an increasingly suspicious Harris.

Rafe can't understand why his sister Gabi has been locked up behind bars, while Jada tries to alleviate his mood. Holly also tells Tate that she's sorry for her behavior and will try to fix things on her end.

Sloan is worried Leo is going to snitch on her

During the Thursday, December 28 episode, Eric and Sloan have a peaceful and quiet family day out at the park until Leo comes by and ruins the mood. While at the park, Konstantin is also abducted in a shocking twist.

Also, Nicole decides to have her first therapy session with Marlena about the death of her baby and how she's supposed to move on with her life. With her daughter Chanel by her side, Paulina meets with Kayla once again to discuss her health and what's next for her.

Holly is almost caught with her pills

On the Friday, December 29 episode of "Days of Our Lives," Nicole almost catches her daughter red-handed with pills as she prepares for her date with Tate. Leo talks to Chad about getting his Lady Whistleblower column back in the hopes that he can start writing again. Chanel tells Johnny she's worried about her mother, Paulina, and the future, while Sarah notices that Victoria has a fever and alerts Xander.

Also, it's New Year's Eve, as everyone gathers at the Bistro for an unforgettable party as they say goodbye to 2023 and ring in the new year.