Melania Trump Faces Trolls At Iowa Rally And It's Raising Questions About Donald's Extracurriculars

Since leaving the White House after Donald Trump's election defeat in 2020, the former first lady has been keeping a relatively low profile. But Melania Trump seems to be returning to the limelight. She attended Rosalynn Carter's funeral in November 2023, and a month later, she spoke at a naturalization ceremony in Washington.

And while she didn't show up in person at Donald's campaign rally in Iowa, Melania was definitely being talked about thanks to a plane flying over the event hauling a banner that read, "Melania knows." Melania has been the subject of high-flying flags in Iowa before. When Donald attended an Iowa State Game in September 2023, Melania's campaign absence was mocked via a banner pulled behind a plane that said, "Where's Melania?"

As for the most recent banner, we're not exactly sure what it is that Melania knows, but some on the internet have some theories. One has to do with the former president's lawyer Alina Habba, and speculation that their relationship is more than just lawyer and client. "She knows he's sleeping with Hab[b]a," one person posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. This was fueled by the fact that Donald was in Las Vegas to see a UFC fight, and Melania was very much not his date. Instead, Donald went with Habba. Perhaps Melania knows there's something more going on there, but doesn't want to deal with it?

Donald Trump has talked about how pretty his lawyer is

There are some hints that there could be something going on between Donald Trump and Alina Habba. If nothing else, we know that he thinks she's attractive. During his keynote speech at the New York Young Republicans gala (via Rev), Donald said of Habba, "She's a beautiful woman, but I never think about that because I never talk about beauty ... Beauty doesn't matter. But she's beautiful. But she's a great lawyer."

Despite his denials about focusing on beauty, Donald has liked surrounding himself with attractive women for decades. His three wives, Melania Trump included, all worked as models, and of course, there's the infamous "Access Hollywood" recording, in which he's on record saying, "I'm automatically attracted to beautiful women."

In the 1991 book "Trump: The Deals and the Downfall" by Wayne Barrett, it was reported that Donald apparently wanted to show off some of his employees in an unconventional way. Barrett wrote, "He even tried to get Playboy to do a spread called 'The Girls of Trump,' wooing his most shapely staffers, including a former beauty queen secretary, into posing for the magazine."

Was the message about Trump's campaign?

There's also a theory posited by The Lincoln Project, a political action committee that doesn't want to see Donald Trump as president again. They posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, "Maybe Melania knew Colorado's ruling was coming." The ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court in December found that Trump could not appear on the state's primary ballot because of his actions on January 6, 2021 connected to the U.S. Capitol attack. The ruling will almost certainly be appealed in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

So while we don't know for sure what the sign maker was referring to with "Melania knows," there's clearly plenty of options. And we do know that it certainly got people talking.