Why HGTV's Mike Jackson And Egypt Sherrod Aren't Afraid To Get Personal On Married To Real Estate

Some television stars prefer to keep their personal lives private, but HGTV stars Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod are happy to do the exact opposite. The "Married to Real Estate" builder and the real estate aficionado use their show to share their love of homebuilding — both for others and themselves.

Jackson and Sherrod spoke to Distractify in 2023 about their home life, work life, and why they believe it's important to combine the two whenever possible. To the home-renovating couple, the biggest factor in their show's success is their willingness to be open and honest.

"We wanted people to be able to relate to us and not just see, 'Here's how the house looks, and here's how it's gonna look at the end," Jackson told Distractify. "It's about creating a fan base, that sort of transparency." Sherrod echoed similar sentiments, saying that she wants viewers to be able to see themselves when they watch the "Married to Real Estate" couple at work.

A mom-and-pop shop turned TV superpower

The HGTV show "Married to Real Estate" follows real estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod and contractor Mike Johnson as they help transform Atlanta, Georgia properties into families' dream homes. The program has astounding viewership stats of over 15 million viewers, but Sherrod says the key to her and Jackson's success is far more humble. 

"I think what people really want is to be able to see themselves," she told Distractify. "You know, mom and pop, a couple married trying to make a business and family work, and how we navigate that. I think what also made the show successful is that people do see themselves, their family, their personal struggles, their humor, and their way of dealing with things."

"Married to Real Estate" not only focuses on Sherrod and Jackson's professional endeavors. It also takes viewers inside the Sherrod-Jackson residence as they raise their blended family, maintain their marriage, and tend to their own home. The couple also maintains their connection with their fans through their social media, sharing heartwarming family updates like new dogs, living room dance parties, and graduations.

Mike and Egypt built their passion from the ground up

Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod might be the stars of a multimillion-viewer HGTV show now, but the journey there was not a particularly easy one. The couple isn't afraid to share the rockier parts of their ascent to HGTV stardom, including when Sherrod lost her job as a radio personality. In a May 2023 interview with Essence magazine, Sherrod and Jackson discussed their transition to real estate — and how they managed to make the switch successful. 

Real estate ran in Sherrod's family, and Jackson had years of experience working in construction. So, when the time came to pursue a new line of work, home renovation seemed like the perfect fit. But as the couple reveals in "Married to Real Estate," maintaining an intimate and professional relationship simultaneously has its fair share of challenges. For Jackson, the balance lies in respecting growth. 

"Allowing each other to grow and understanding that you will grow," Jackson said of his secret to a happy marriage and successful business. "The person that you met a year ago may be different from who they are today. You have to keep open communication and find out what you can do to better experience your spouse. It's a continuous discussion through growth."