What We Know About Emma Roberts' Son Rhodes

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Emma Roberts and her now ex-boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund, welcomed their first child, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, on December 27, 2020. For the most part, the couple kept the pregnancy firmly under wraps. In a 2020 Cosmopolitan interview, Roberts revealed that she decided to keep it quiet simply because she didn't want to jinx it. But, in August 2023, the celebrity couple had no choice but to publicly announce it on Instagram because Roberts' mother, Kelly Cunningham, accidentally shared the news with the world. 

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Roberts explained that Cunningham's technology knowledge was limited because she had been using an old-fashioned flip phone until the "American Horror Story" star gifted her an iPhone to make communication easier. One thing led to another, and she eventually got an Instagram account where her mom would frequently interact with Roberts' fans over DMs. Cunningham then read a tabloid article revealing her daughter's pregnancy and mistook it for her officially announcing the good news. 

So, Cunningham began answering DMs from fans congratulating her and inadvertently confirming the pregnancy. Unfortunately for Roberts, that wasn't the end of her mom's mishaps because, in February 2023, she took to Instagram to share our first glimpse at Rhodes, without Roberts' approval. However, this time, the actor joined in on the fun and reposted it to her Story, writing, "When your mom posts your son's face without asking but you love them both so whatever." Since then, Roberts has been slightly more open about sharing her experience. 

Emma Roberts loves spending quality time with Rhodes

Emma Roberts gets in some quality time with her son, Rhodes, through long walks. In fact, the Nickelodeon alum informed People that she had grown especially fond of Boston, where she was filming in 2021, because it had several parks she could frequent with her son and help him get closer to nature. Elsewhere, the proud mom took to Instagram to share that she had been the flower girl at a friend's wedding while Rhodes sweetly took on the responsibility of a ring bearer. 

Later that same year, Rhodes turned one, and Roberts donned a tiny cowboy hat to throw him a rodeo-themed party. The fun celebration had two cakes, including one that was decorated with just about everything a good cowboy needs, and music by TheBeatBuds. The "Holidate" star shared a sweet picture of the two of them for his second birthday in 2022 and called him her "angel boy" in the caption. In 2023, Roberts embraced the fall spirit and took her son apple-picking. 

While celebrating the festive season, Roberts posted a photo of Rhodes in his Santa-themed pajamas with a tiny bow on his head as he surveyed his presents, which included a cozy bear-shaped beanie. Garrett Hedlund also joined them for the holiday and gifted the former couple's son a mini truck. Hedlund also celebrated his birthday on a boat with the little one. He bid 2023 farewell with a sweet video of Rhodes walking with "Day One," his ode to his son, playing.

The little boy has changed his parents' lives for the better

While speaking to Today in 2021, Garrett Hedlund shared that his and Emma Roberts' son, Rhodes, gave him a more optimistic outlook on life. The singer and actor explained that he picked Rhodes' name as an ode to his lifelong love of road trips. Hedlund added that the moniker worked because it could be shortened to "Row" as a tribute to his cherished rowing trips with his grandfather. Rhodes could also represent Rhodes, the scholar, honoring his and Roberts' shared passion for reading. 

Likewise, in an interview with "Extra," the "TRON: Legacy" star explained how he kept his grandfather's memory alive by telling Rhodes stories about him at bedtime. Meanwhile, Roberts has minimized her plastic use, as she proudly told People, after having her son because she wanted to reduce her waste contributions so Rhodes can have a better future. Roberts also told The List, in an exclusive interview, about how motherhood influenced her role in "Abandoned," especially when it came to finding a way into her character in the movie, who's also a mother. 

As she acknowledged, "It was funny because my son was probably five or six months old when I read it, and they were scared to send it to me at first" due to the dark subject material. The "Scream Queens" star still battles the natural anxieties of being a first-time mom. The mantra that keeps her going, as the actor divulged to Violet Grey: "When in doubt, just love your child and yourself."