Elle King Had Fans Worried After Her NYE Performance

New Years Eve is always a cause for celebration. Yet, Elle King's performance at "New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash" left lots of fans wondering if the country star was celebrating just a little too hard. Most of us expect to see plenty of drinking and partying when we watch live New Year's Eve coverage of our favorite stars. But, when King took the stage to sing her aptly named song, "Drunk (And I Don't Want To Go Home,)" plenty of viewers were left worried about the performer. 

When King grabbed her microphone to perform her hit song, she opened by saying, "it's okay — I live what I sing, y'all." She then added, "I have had a drink," as the music began. What followed was a performance that sounded quite a bit different from the recorded version folks are used to and featured plenty of mannerisms and facial expressions that left many viewers suspecting that King was too drunk and should, in fact, "go home." One viewer even took to X, formerly known as Twitter to predict, "Elle King is going to be the first meme of 2024."

King's performance got plenty of attention on social media

One X user commented, "When Elle King sang 'gonna feel this in the morning' yes, she most certainly will," implying that the singer may have a hangover ahead of her. But, King had another thing to worry about when she woke up on New Year's Day: the onslaught of not-so-flattering comments her performance garnered on the internet. "I can't believe there isn't anyone who couldn't jump in and sing with #ElleKing. This is bad, cringy, just not good," one viewer tweeted. Another wrote, "#ElleKing on #CBSNashvilleNYE broadcast was absolutely cringe worthy. A fitting way to say goodbye to 2023."

It's clear that plenty of folks watching were confused and concerned about the country star after seeing her sing. Yet, many others came to her defense. CBS posted a video of the performance on YouTube, and many comments on the clip were much kinder to King. "She did just fine!!!! Calm down people," one fan wrote. Another said, "SHE WAS JUST HAVING A GOOD TIME!!! Love her!!!" So, while some country fans believed that this star took her song a bit too literally, others thought that it was all a welcome part of the fun and excitement of the evening. Still, we have a feeling that King may wait until after her performance to celebrate when next New Year's Eve rolls around.