Why Meri Is More Open To Reconciling With Her Sister Wives Than Christine And Janelle

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After Christine Brown left Kody Brown in November 2021, two of her sister wives also decided to part ways with the controversial patriarch. Janelle Brown confirmed her separation from Kody in December 2022. Meri Brown opted to leave the reality star for good in January 2023 when he showed no inclination to save their marriage — leaving Robyn Brown as Kody's only remaining wife. In an interview with People, Kody admitted he had lost interest in polygamy, sharing, "The idea of ever marrying again after the experience I've had, there's no reason for me to do that."

Apart from Christine, Janelle, and Meri divorcing Kody, the three sister wives have also experienced a rift among themselves. While Christine and Janelle have maintained a strong bond after leaving the Brown clan and appear closer than ever, not the same can be said for their relationship with Meri. In an interview with Us Weekly, Christine shared, "I don't talk with Meri. I don't really have a relationship with Meri." Janelle echoed the sentiment, confirming that she and Meri don't stay in touch.

However, despite the strained relationships, Meri remains open to reconciling with her former sister wives. During an interview with People, Meri explained, "It's going to take all parties involved, you know what I mean? But I'm not closing any doors." Unfortunately, Christine and Janelle seem to have already closed theirs.

Meri felt betrayed by Christine and Janelle's behavior

According to Meri Brown, the relationship with her former sister wives hasn't deteriorated to the point of complete cutoff. In a 2022 "Sister Wives" special, Meri even expressed missing her connection with Christine Brown. She said, "I know what kind of relationship [Christine] and I have had in the past. It's been fun. It's not been super deep, but it's been a lot of fun."

Notably, it appears Meri thought she would stay friends with Christine. Meri admitted feeling left out in the cold when Christine decided to leave Kody. "[Christine] has always said, 'I didn't just want the man. I want the sister wives,'" she explained. Regrettably, for Meri, it appears that only Janelle Brown met Christine's criteria for a lifelong sister wife.

Regardless of the evident resentment that Christine and Janelle harbor towards Meri, the three of them have decided not to involve their children in the ongoing drama. In their interview with Us Weekly, Christine and Janelle revealed they have remained on good terms with Leon Brown, Meri's only child with Kody. Furthermore, despite being on the outs with Christine, Meri still showed up for Gwendlyn Brown's wedding, Christine's daughter. Additionally, during a visit to Las Vegas in 2023, Meri reunited with Janelle's sons, Hunter and Logan Brown. "So good catching up with these two, and proud of the good men they've become," Meri wrote under a photo of the three of them smiling.

Christine and Janelle have a complex history with Meri

Despite Meri Brown's best efforts, Christine and Janelle Brown don't see the point in maintaining a friendship with her. "I spoke with Meri one time, I think, since I've separated from Kody," Christine shared with People. In the December 2022 "Sister Wives" special, Christine explained, "[The friendship] wasn't safe for me anymore, and I ended it." She noted that she stopped trusting Meri because of her toxic and unpredictable behavior, which often included belittling her in public in the early stages of their plural marriage.

Janelle, too, had previously opened up about her struggle to connect with Meri throughout their time together, so it's no surprise that she also opted out of having a relationship with her post-split. Their animosity dates back to 1993, when Janelle joined Meri and Kody's marriage, according to the Brown family's memoir, "Becoming Sister Wives." In the 2012 book, Janelle shared that she often felt excluded from Kody and Meri's union and was unable to win Meri's favor no matter how hard she tried.

On the other hand, Meri admitted to feeling jealous when Kody brought Janelle into their family, with unprocessed feelings often influencing her behavior toward those around her. Given their complex history and the current situation, it's becoming more apparent that Christine and Janelle have permanently shut the door of reconciliation in Meri's face.