Gisele Bundchen's Daughter Is Growing Up To Be Her Twin

It's no stretch to say Vivian Lake Brady has spent her entire life around the spotlight. After all, her mother is world-famous supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, and her father, Tom Brady, is widely regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time. Vivian's parents met back in 2006 and tied the knot three years later. Before their headline-making divorce, they had two kids together: Benjamin Brady, who they welcomed in 2009, and Vivian, who was born in 2012. Tom also has a son, Jack Moynahan, from his previous relationship with actor Bridget Moynahan, who Bündchen refers to as her "bonus child."

In fact, Bündchen told Vanity Fair that it was her stepson's birth that made her realize that she wanted to be a mother, even though she didn't know if she was ready then. While the transition was initially hard, Bündchen really took to motherhood. As she said to Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America," "I was actually living what I love so much, which is being a mom, and a nurturer, and taking care of my family. It was just very different than what I was used to."

The only girls in their immediate family, Bündchen and Vivian have an extra special relationship. Not only do they ook very similar, but they seem to have a lot in common. By all accounts, Gisele Bündchen's daughter is growing up to be her twin.

Vivian Brady has always been close with her mother, Gisele Bündchen

Mother-daughter relationships can often be tricky, but it seems that Vivian Brady has always had a very close relationship with her mom, Gisele Bündchen. It probably helps that Bündchen made raising the kids she shares with Tom Brady a priority, despite her illustrious modeling career. "My world was them," Bündchen told Vanity Fair. She continued, "I was taking them to school every day. I was making them breakfast, lunch.... I was there."

Vivian, in particular, appears to be the most attached to her mom though, since she's been known to join her when she does work. In 2018, for example, she interrupted her mother's interview with Vogue to give her a big hug. She's also accompanied Bündchen on different photoshoots, even if they were in exotic locations. Outside of work, Bündchen spends a lot of one-on-one time with her daughter away from her brothers too. For instance, she took Vivian on a girl's trip for her birthday in 2023, alongside her sister and niece.

Vivian looks to be very affectionate with her mother, as well. Bündchen frequently posts photos of them hugging or cuddling, and in one caption, touched on how loving Vivian is. She wrote, "Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in our lives and for always spreading so much love all around you." Despite Vivian approaching her teen years, she's not embarrassed to sweetly hold her mom's hand in public either. 

Vivian Brady has practiced yoga with Gisele Bündchen for years

Chances are if you've been following Gisele Bündchen over the years, then you know that the daughter she shares with Tom Brady has been doing yoga and mediation since she was a baby. In 2013, for example, when Vivian Brady was just 10 months old, Bündchen shared a photo of them meditating. That same year, Bündchen posted another photo of baby Vivian joining her on her mat as she did yoga. Bündchen later reposted that photo in 2020, alongside a photo of her and her Vivian doing the same yoga pose that year. In the caption, she reflected on how long they've been practicing side by side, writing, "My little yoga partner is growing so fast! ... 2013-> 2020."

That wasn't the only time that Bündchen illustrated her and Vivian's yoga journey. In another post about their joint yoga practice, Bündchen once again included older photos, captioning the post, "Time flies!!! 2022 > 2020 > 2013." Bündchen has also shared different photos of her and Vivian doing yoga in her birthday posts, making it clear that it is a big part of their lives.

It can be assumed that Bündchen inspired Vivian to add yoga into her routine, as it's something that she believes is important to share. Bündchen even told The Guardian, "The more people get things like yoga, it's a positive thing. The more people become awakened."

Vivian Brady could become a supermodel like Gisele Bündchen

If Vivian Brady wanted to get into modeling one day, it probably wouldn't be too far-fetched an aspiration. For starters, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady could feasibly help her get her foot in any door. Oh, and Vivian happens to be the spitting image of her mom. In 2019, Bündchen even shared a photo of Vivian next to a picture of herself when she was her age to ask her followers if they looked alike. Needless to say, it was a resounding yes in the comments. What's more, Vanity Fair writer Michelle Ruiz noted that Vivian used her own face to unlock her mother's iPhone. She's basically Bündchen's doppelgänger.

In 2021, Vivian perfectly recreated one of her mother's most famous photoshoots for Vogue, where she laid on a horse with her hair flowing. Bündchen shared the side by side photos, joking that she was "having a flashback." Yet Bündchen told Elle in 2022 that Vivian isn't totally on board with the behind-the-scenes work just yet. "She saw me with all these different hairdos and makeup—she didn't understand why. She's like, 'Mommy ... Why are they touching you? Can they stop?'" she said.

If Vivian does decide to follow in mom's footsteps on the runway, she'll have her support. Bündchen told Vogue in 2018, "Whatever my kids choose to do, I will support them ... and be here for them no matter what."

Vivian Brady has a lot of stamps in her passport

Vivian Brady might not be an international supermodel like mom Gisele Bündchen just yet, but she sure is a seasoned international jet-setter. In 2023 alone, Vivian spent most of her summer vacation traveling. In June, for instance, she was photographed with her mother on a beach in Costa Rica, where the family has another home. Vivian was spotted spending time there the previous November too, with her mother and her mother's rumored boyfriend, Joaquim Valente.

In June 2023, Bündchen shared that she took her children to her native Brazil, so they could spend time with family. Chatting with People about his kids' summer vacation plans, Tom Brady dished, "We're going to Disneyland tomorrow to celebrate because it's the last day of school. Then they're going with their mom for a couple of weeks to Brazil." He also shared that he'd be taking them to Europe. 

If that's not impressive enough, that August, Tom shared that Vivian then joined him in Africa for his birthday. Alongside the photos, he wrote, "It was another special reminder that life is TRULY about relationships and memories." Vivian's excursions didn't stop with the end of summer either, since Tom shared that they went snorkeling in a tropical location around Thanksgiving. They seemingly then traveled somewhere snowy for Christmas, as Tom posted about them skiing then on his Instagram Story (via Page Six).

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's daughter has a sporty side

As the daughter of record-breaking supermodel Gisele Bündchen and seven-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady, Vivian Brady sure did well in the genetic lottery. And it sounds like if modeling doesn't work out, Vivian could find success in sports. As Tom shared on "GMA" in 2019, "My daughter is a great little athlete and I'm trying to get her involved in some things like hockey."

Vivian also has a knack for football like her dad. In July 2023, Tom shared a video on his Instagram Story of her catching a football that he was throwing to her in a pool. He could be heard saying (via Daily Mail), "That a girl! That's what I want!" Yet, it's not just her dad who's teaching her athletic skills. She's also taking jiu-jitsu lessons with her mom. Couple that with horseback riding (more on that later) and yoga, and it's obvious that Vivian is very active.

It's worth mentioning that like her parents, Vivian isn't afraid to physically push the limits for an adventure either. For instance, Tom shared on Instagram that his little girl was brave enough to jump from a waterfall and hit the slopes for skiing. Bündchen also shared photos she took with Vivian while enjoying the great outdoors, proving that Vivian has what it takes to keep up with mom and dad.

Vivian Brady is into riding horses

If there is one thing that Vivian Brady is especially passionate about, it's horses. Her mom, Gisele Bündchen, has shared a number of photos of her daughter cuddling horses and riding horses. Vivian has been taking riding lessons for a while, and she is so serious about it that her mother decided to buy a horse farm. Bündchen told People that it just made sense after they were constantly bombarded by paparazzi at public stables. "This should be a fun thing that we get to do together. So I was like, this way, I can have her practice what she loves," she said.

Bündchen also revealed that Vivian's own horse is gentle and easygoing, but that she has been pushing for a new one that will challenge her more. "She's already like, 'Mom, I have to have a new horse to jump higher.' I'm like, 'Calm down,'" Bündchen recalled.

It seems that Vivian has no fear when it comes to being an equestrian, even after breaking her arm when she fell off her horse at age seven and needed surgery. While she did stop riding for a while after that, she eventually found her way back into the saddle. In a separate interview, Bündchen told People, "You would think after going through all of that at 7 years old that you wouldn't want to do it anymore ... She overcame that fear that was really real for her."

The supermodel's daughter loves most animals

When Vivian Brady isn't hanging out with horses, there's a good chance she's hanging out with other furry creatures. She seems to be fond of cats in particular and once took over her dad's Instagram Story to share a photo of her kitten. Tom Brady told People that Vivian persuaded him to adopt two cats from the Humane Society in February 2023, and that September, he suggested on his Instagram Story that she got him to adopt one more. He posted a photo of another kitten, writing (via People), "Vivi wins again." Vivian's mother, Gisele Bündchen, has also embraced her love of felines; she posted her own Instagram photo of Vivian cuddling another cat who presumably lives at her home.

Vivian also has dogs and looks to adore them just as much, considering that Bündchen once shared a photo of Vivian letting their dogs sleep in her bed with her. Sadly, one of the family dogs, Lua, died in December 2023. Bündchen shared a photo of Vivian hugging Lua, writing, "She will forever live in our hearts. We already miss her sooooo much!"

And this love doesn't only apply to her pets. Vivian sure seemed to be interested in the wild animals she saw and interacted with while on an African safari in August 2023. Her father posted photos of Vivian enjoying their adventure, and shared clips on Instagram Stories (via Daily Mail) of her admiring the wildlife.

Vivian Brady is interested in the environment and nature

It appears that Vivian Brady shares mom Gisele Bündchen's interest in nature and protecting the environment. It seems safe to assume Bündchen taught her the importance of sustainability, as the family does their best to live green at home. She and her brothers are specifically passionate about cutting single-use plastic by using reusable water bottles. Bündchen told Marie Claire, "I see them talking with their friends about it and showing them their water bottles in hopes they might join them and use them too."

The family also has a farm where they get fresh eggs from their chickens and a garden where they harvest vegetables. Besides Bündchen, Vivian looks to be the most into gardening. Bündchen has shared multiple posts of her daughter working the soil and harvesting fresh produce over the years. Vivian's dad, Tom Brady, also shared a photo of her tending the garden when she was just 5 years old. For Bündchen though, gardening with her kids is about more than just creating food to eat. As the supermodel told "GMA" reporter Robin Roberts, "They also learn that it takes time to grow — like we plant the seed and then they have to wait."

Overall, Vivian apparently spends a lot of her free time in nature, whether that's in the garden, climbing trees, or playing in a stream.  Bündchen approves, writing on Instagram, "Contact with nature is essential for the health and well-being of children."

Gisele Bündchen's daughter is enjoying life in Florida

In 2020, the Bündchen-Brady family relocated from Massachusetts to Florida after Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While moving can be hard on a lot of kids, Vivian Brady seems to be thriving in Florida, as the warmer weather means lots of outdoor time. Her mom, Gisele Bündchen, gushed to People, "[We] enjoy jumping together on our big trampoline we have in our yard. We also love paddle boarding and kayaking." She's also posted photos of them frolicking on the beach, so it seems the new environment suits them.

Bündchen's home is also close to where Tom lives, which presumably makes splitting time between both houses relatively smooth. A source dished to Page Six, "You could literally swim from Gisele's place to Tom's ... but both homes will include a dock, so it would be very easy for them to co-parent their children." That dock, of course, means that the homes are on the water, which Vivian looked to be enjoying in May 2023, when she was seen cruising around Miami with her dad on a yacht.

Then there's the fact that Vivian now lives a lot closer to Disney World, which is a dream for most kids. In December 2023, Bündchen, posted about taking Vivian and her brother there to celebrate their birthday, writing in the caption, "We had a great time!"

Vivian Brady seemingly handled her famous parents' divorce well

Vivian Brady was just 9 years old when her parents, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, ended their marriage; Tom was reportedly initially worried about how she and her brother would handle it. Both Tom and Bündchen did make the kids' well-being their focus, with Bündchen even addressing them in a statement on her Instagram Story. She wrote, (via Today), "My priority has always been and will continue to be our children ... We will continue co-parenting to give them the love, care and attention."

Bündchen and Tom did everything they could to make the transition easy on their children, reportedly embracing flexibility when it comes to their arrangement. A source explained to People, "They can see whichever parent they want. They've got a schedule, but neither of them would prevent their kids from seeing the other parent." Another source alleged that the kids had gotten used to their parents living separately before their divorce, and that their dad, especially, tried to do fun activities with them when they were with him.

Of course, following the split, there were rumors that Bündchen and Tom moved on to new love interests. Nevertheless, both insisted that being with their children took precedence over anyone else. Vivian, specifically, has been spotted out alone with both her mom and dad on different occasions, so it appears they've stuck to their word.

Vivian Brady and Gisele Bündchen have a similar sense of style

Vivan Brady doesn't just look like her mom — she also shares Gisele Bündchen's sense of style. The mother-daughter duo typically keeps what they wear pretty casual, despite Bündchen being one of the most famous fashion models of all time. The twosome are often sporting comfy clothes, which makes sense for their active and outdoor lifestyle. While Bündchen and Tom Brady's daughter may one day be interested in getting some hand-me-downs that her mother may have acquired from the designer campaigns she's done, she's apparently more into her expensive accessories these days. Bündchen told People in 2023, "Believe me, she's taking an eye on my watches, like, 'Mom, I like that, are you going to give that to me, are you saving that for me?'"

Vivian and her mom don't just have the same low key aesthetic in that they've seemingly been twinning with one another for years too. In 2018, for example, she and Bündchen wore matching robes on a photoshoot. Then in 2019, Bündchen posted a photo of her and Vivian on the beach in identical bathing suits. They also wore similar jackets in a photo they took on a hike in 2023. 

All in all, it's obvious that Vivian is looking and acting more and more like Bündchen as she gets older. However, she's still her own person outside of either of her parents, and can continue to grow into whoever she wants to be.