David Visentin Didn't Believe Hilary Farr Was Leaving Love It Or List It

When Hilary Farr announced she was saying goodbye to "Love It Or List It," the HGTV star wasn't just leaving behind a successful, long-running television show but also David Visentin, her co-host of 15 years. She and Visentin met during auditions after the production team signed Farr and began looking for possible realtors to fill the show's "list it" angle. The duo had a near-instant bond that lasted through 19 seasons.

Farr has referred to Visentin as an irritating sibling when describing their friendship, but the pair is quite close, with Farr noting that he was very supportive of her throughout her cancer treatment. The home designer explained to People that when Season 19 wrapped, she knew it was time to say her farewells. However, it seems like she was the only one who thought so. "I thought that everyone had accepted it, but they hadn't ... Everyone came back and said, 'So, Love It or List It (Season 20)?" That includes Visentin.

It had to be difficult for Farr to tell her decades-long HGTV partner that she was leaving, and his reaction was far from what she was probably expecting. "He didn't believe me. He said, 'Oh, you say that," she recalled.

It took David Visentin by surprise

Hilary Farr admitted that David Visentin didn't want to believe she was breaking up with "Love It Or List It," and by default, him as a co-host. As a pseudo-sister and close friend would, she reassured them that it wouldn't be the end of their relationship, revealing to People that their bond "is not going to just disappear because we're not working together." Visentin seconded that sentiment on her Instagram announcement. "I will be phoning you regularly to soften your 'David withdrawal.' No need to thank me ... it's what friends do. You will be missed! Congratulations," he wrote.

Variety reports that Visentin referred to their journey over the past 19 seasons as a "wild, unforgettable ride" before continuing, "We became quick friends and share countless memories both on and off set. I look forward to continuing that friendship and wish her all the best in everything she does." He has yet to confirm whether or not he will continue with the series, but Farr confessed that she wouldn't put it past the producers to start looking for a new co-host immediately, cheekily noting that she'd likely watch the show.

Her other series, "Tough Love with Hilary Farr," has two seasons, the second of which concluded filming in November 2023. The British-Canadian designer hasn't officially announced whether that series has been renewed for Season 3, but stated to People regarding that endeavor, "I'm not at all stepping away."

Hilary Farr isn't the only woman in David Visentin's life

Plenty of fans have questioned over the years whether or not Hilary Farr and David Visentin are a couple. Their on-screen chemistry seems to suggest that there could be more going on when the camera stops rolling, but Visentin is reportedly happily married — and not to Farr. He is married to another real estate broker named Krista Grycko-Visentin. Closer Weekly reports that David and Krista tied the knot in 2006 and are both based in Canada, where "Love It Or List It" began. Additionally, the publication notes that their son, Logan, was reportedly born in 2011. 

However, while Visentin has made lots of comments on his relationship with Farr, he keeps his personal life much more private. Even his social media accounts mostly feature him or the goings-on of his hit television show. One lady makes an appearance on his Instagram besides Farr, though, and that's his sister Bonnie, pictured above. The two appear to regularly swim together and may even be on a competitive team. Many of their posts feature the hashtag #VisentinFamilyActivities, indicating he has a pretty strong bond with his relatives. 

Visentin may have been a little shocked by Farr's revelation that it was time to leave the show, but he seems like he has a great off-camera support system (and potentially a new co-host forthcoming).