5 Fashion Faux Pas That Dulled The Golden Wedding's Shine

The "Golden Bachelor," Gerry Turner, and the season's winner, Theresa Nist, have officially said their golden "I do"s. The first-ever Golden Wedding went off without a hitch... well almost. While Turner and Nist had a picturesque wedding, that doesn't mean that everyone at this television history-making event looked quite as lovely as the bride and groom. There were a few fashion faux pas in the mix that are sure to go down in "Bachelor" wedding history. 

When inviting 21 of his very recent exes to his wedding, Turner likely knew that the occasion was ripe for missteps. Luckily, most folks were on their best behavior, and no one showed up wearing white other than the beautiful bride, herself. Still, with odd outfits worn during even odder proposals, a broken wedding gown, two strangely dressed ex-girlfriends, and even a man who showed up completely shirtless, not everyone at the Golden Wedding arrived in style. Here are the top five fashion faux pas that made the Golden Wedding look less than perfect.

Brayden Bowers' accessory overload

Brayden Bowers may have had all eyes on him at the Golden Wedding when he got down on one knee for Christina Mandrell, but we all wish he wore something a little bit different for such a momentous occasion. The surprise proposal has Bachelor Nation in an uproar, but we happen to think his choice of accessories is only slightly less offensive than his major breach of wedding etiquette. 

Anyone who has watched Bowers knows that he loves a good pair of dangly earrings. While sticking to his signature look was ideal for a major moment in his life, the big peacock feathers seemed to draw even more attention to him at the wrong time. The deep green suit sans accessories would have been perfect –– especially since he was well-coordinated with his now bride-to-be. Unfortunately, though, he had to top the look off with that cowboy hat. Not only did this make his outfit look unfocused and over-the-top, but it could literally be seen over the top of everyone else's heads at the reception. Not a good look.

Sandra Mason's wild wedding date

Former "Golden Bachelor" contestant Sandra Mason looked as beautiful as ever when she attended her ex Gerry Turner's wedding in a stunning printed gown. Her date, on the other hand, forgot his shirt, and that meant everyone was looking at him, rather than his much more appropriately dressed date. Yes –– he actually wore a tux and bowtie without a shirt. 

Okay, okay –– we don't think that this was Mason's wedding date. It seemed to be just a joke for the show implying that Mason brought one of the male strippers from Theresa Nist's bachelorette party as her date. But, whether or not his ensemble was a joke, it doesn't change the fact that there was a shirtless man at this wedding, even if just for a few moments. And, we have to admit –– if that's not a wedding fashion faux pas, we don't know what is.

Susan Noles' Nosferatu-inspired ensemble

We've gotta hand it to Susan Noles –– few occasions are quite as difficult to dress for as officiating the wedding of a man who dumped you mere months ago. Nevertheless, we didn't love what Noles chose to wear when she acted as the officiant at the Golden Wedding. 

Wearing black was a great choice since it kept her looking formal and simple without drawing any attention away from the golden couple. Still, there was something vampire-like about the collar and cape combination that felt anything but celebratory for this special moment. There were so many things that would have made her lovely makeup and ever-contagious smile shine. Was this the worst fashion faux pas she could have made in this very unique situation? Not by a long shot, but we would've loved to see her in something that looked a little less Halloween-ready.

Patty James' golden gaffe

It looks like someone should've reminded Patty James that she didn't win "The Golden Bachelor" this season because her get-up implied that she believed otherwise. There are worse outfits to wear to a wedding –– a few of those were represented at the Golden Wedding. Nevertheless, James' dress just didn't feel like the best pick. 

A full sequin gown is a risky choice for a guest at any wedding. Yet, James managed to find a dress that was not only entirely bedazzled but also somehow too casual. With front pockets, a collar, a button-down front, and a high slit, the cut wasn't formal enough to fit the event. Yet, the golden sequins made the overall look too over-the-top. Paired with silver dangly earrings that acted to further dress down the ensemble, this look was all over the place, and despite the color, it wasn't right for the Golden Wedding.

A Golden Bachelor bridal blunder

Ensuring that everything goes perfectly on your wedding day is nerve-wracking enough when it's not televised, so we can only imagine how Theresa Nist was feeling as she walked down the aisle. Luckily, she looked exactly like any bride would want to look on their wedding day: stunning, timeless, and just like herself. Unfortunately, at some point between making her way to the altar and saying her vows to Gerry Turner, one of the straps on Nist's gown broke. 

Okay –– this wasn't exactly a fashion faux pas, but it was a fashion fault that we all try our best to avoid. Luckily, despite the lopsided sleeves for the second half of her "I do"s, Nist's gown was beautiful, and when paired with Turner's dapper ensemble, the golden couple looked like the classic bride and groom. And, hey, it just wouldn't be a true "Bachelor" franchise love story without a few bumps along the way.