Body Language Expert Tells Us Leslie Couldn't Hide Resentment During Gerry's Vows At Golden Wedding

To say that "The Golden Bachelor" wasn't as drama-filled as other installments of "The Bachelor" would be an absolute lie. Controversy surrounding the bachelor himself, Gerry Turner, shocked audiences, and the "The Golden Bachelor" finale was filled with bombshells we still haven't gotten over. The drama continued on January 4, 2024, when "The Golden Wedding" premiered on ABC, and Turner wed the show's winner, Theresa Nist.

It seems that not everyone was happy about the union. Most notably, the scorned runner-up Leslie Fhima seemed particularly peeved during Turner's vows. The List spoke to the author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within," Jess Ponce III, who is also a body language expert. He pointed out how not everyone seemed happy and said, "This was particularly evident in the case of the runner-up, [Leslie], whose discontent with her experience on the show became apparent during Gerry and Theresa's wedding vows. Maintaining a stoic expression, it initially appeared as though she was indifferent, but subtle signs indicated otherwise."

Ponce wondered if Fhima's words were true

According to People, Leslie Fhima had supportive things to say prior to "The Golden Wedding" ceremony. "At our age, we have to celebrate love," Fhima said. She also said she and Theresa Nist bonded during the show and shared kind sentiments for Nist and Gerry Turner. Fhima added, "I'm here at the end of the day to support love in any way." However, actions speak louder than words.

Jess Ponce III watched Fhima's body language during the ceremony and told The List, "There was a discernible shift in her demeanor; her eyes, breaking away momentarily from her steady gaze, conveyed a mixture of disbelief and contempt." Ponce also said that look was very similar to Fhima and Turner's tense discussion in "The Golden Bachelor" finale when "she accused him of blindsiding her."

Ponce felt that perhaps Fhima had some unresolved feelings of contempt from her experience on the senior dating show. He mentioned uncertainty about her pre-wedding quotes: "While professing on the golden carpet she was there to 'celebrate love,' one can't help but question her sentiment — was it genuine or merely a facade for the audience?"

Fans reacted to Fhima's appearance at The Golden Wedding

Plenty of "The Golden Wedding" viewers had things to say about Leslie Fhima at the ceremony. One fan on X, formerly Twitter, posted a gif of a spit-take to go along with their shock at Fhima being shown on-camera while the happy couple exchanged vows. Another shared an 11-second snippet of Gerry Turner's vows to Theresa Nist, where he said, "I remember it wasn't my ear that you whispered in when you said the 'I love yous,' but my very soul." The camera then cut to the barely smiling Fhima, and the clip was captioned, "The cut to Leslie was 10/10. I'm screaming #The GoldenBachelor."

However, one fan gave Fhima a shout-out. They tweeted a screenshot of Fhima during "The Golden Wedding" vows and said, "I give Leslie a lot of props, I wouldn't be able to go honestly." 

Ultimately, no one can say what Fhima really thought about "The Golden Wedding" except herself. Before the big event, she took to her Instagram Stories to say she was recovering from a surgery but would be attending. At the time, Fhima added, "I can't wait to support Gerry and Theresa on their beautiful day. I know it's going to be really, really amazing."