Celebrities Line Up To Deny RFK Jr. Support Claims

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s famous family have slammed his independent run for the presidency, and they aren't the only ones denying their support of the third-party candidate. They've now been joined by actor Martin Sheen and singers Dionne Warwick and Andrea Bocelli. Here's how they got unexpectedly caught up in rumors about supporting RFK Jr. for president.

On December 13, 2023, Fox News Digital reported that there would be a fundraising 70th birthday gala for RFK Jr. hosted by the "Fighting 4 One America PAC" in the southern California desert on January 22, 2024. Unnamed sources had told them that Sheen would introduce RFK Jr. and Bocelli would be there too. Then on December 28, 2023, DailyMail.com reported that organizers of the gala event told them that, along with the "Wall Street" actor, Warwick and boxer Mike Tyson would also be in attendance, and Bocelli wouldn't just be there but also would perform. Then American Values 2024 super PAC, which supports RFK Jr., posted the Daily Mail article to Facebook and X, formerly known as Twitter, reiterating those celebs would be there.

Warwick denied the whole situation on X: "I don't know anything about this event. I did not agree to it and I certainly won't be there." She followed up with the post, "If you are going to lie on my name, at least lie about something cool."

Martin Sheen used his West Wing co-stars to help deny the rumors

Martin Sheen, who isn't active on X, got the help of some of his "The West Wing" co-stars to deny the rumors. Bradley Whitford, who played Deputy White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman, posted to X: "Martin asked us to post this on his behalf. 'I wholeheartedly support President Joe Biden and the democratic [sic] ticket in 2024. Sincerely, Martin Sheen.'" The same message was posted on X by Mary McCormack, who played Deputy National Security Advisor Kate Harper.

The Fighting 4 One America PAC seems to have doubled down on Sheen's attendance. They told Deadline, "We would not have included Mr. Sheen in our list of attendees had we not received confirmation that he was attending," and they apparently got confirmation of his attendance via his agents.

A representative for Andrea Bocelli told Rolling Stone that the singer would not be at the event, or even in the United States, on the day in question. No word yet from Tyson or his team about whether he'll be there.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hasn't commented on his birthday gala

With all the social media uproar about who was or wasn't going to be turning up at Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s event, his campaign has denied having anything to do with the guest list for the January 22 fundraiser for their longshot presidential candidate. "The Indian Wells fundraiser is a PAC event," a rep for his campaign told Deadline on January 4, 2024. "The campaign doesn't have anything to do with organizing of this event. The campaign has no knowledge of who is attending and can't confirm or deny anyone's participation, either as entertainment or as a guest." RFK Jr. hasn't posted anything on his social media accounts about the birthday gala situation.

On the website "Silent Majority 4 RFK," which is linked to the "Fighting 4 One America PAC," you can still RSVP for the January 22, 2024 event in Indian Wells, California. Tickets cost between $2,500 and $50,000; no names of any potential attendees are currently on the RSVP, though we're guessing that Cheryl Hines, RFK Jr.'s wife and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star, will be there. So that's at least one celeb who'll be there? Only time will tell who actually shows up, who performs, and if we get to hear about it.