The Sign Taylor Swift's Brother Austin Is Close With Travis Kelce

The most nerve-wracking thing about a new relationship can be introducing your partner to your family for the first time. The pressure for your partner and your family to get along must be a thousandfold for a superstar like Taylor Swift. Thankfully, it seems things are good between the Swift family and her new beau Travis Kelce. The football player officially won over her dad Scott Swift. Taylor's brother, Austin Swift, seems close with Travis as well.

On the holiday episode of the "New Heights" podcast that Travis hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, the brothers spoke with their parents and Jason's wife, Kylie Kelce. During the final segment of the episode called "Stamp of the Week,"  Kylie decided to bestow the honor to whoever dressed as Santa for the Chiefs' Christmas Day football game. Travis said that man was Austin — before quickly correcting that it was the real St. Nick.

"And he actually made me feel like a child because his gift to me was straight out of the bag," Travis said. Kylie and Jason gasped and looked excited at the prospect of getting a gift from Santa's special gift bag. Travis continued and said Santa/Austin, "Whipped [the gift] out and handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time. 'Little Giants.'" The film was released in 1994 and stars Ed O'Neill as a hotshot coach of a peewee football team, and Rick Moranis as his brother who starts his own team for the cut players.

Austin Swift is an actor, and he and Taylor seem close

After Travis Kelce recounted his Christmas gift from Austin "Santa" Swift on "New Heights," Jason Kelce cheered, "Way to go Santa!" Since Austin knows Travis well enough to know one of his personal favorite films, it seems they've bonded already. Austin's gift to Travis is also an especially poignant one, given Austin's immense love and reverence for movies. Austin is an actor and producer who has produced some of Taylor Swift's projects before. 

While speaking with Vanity Fair in 2017, Austin told the outlet about his love of movies and how they helped him through difficult times as a high schooler. He also mentioned one of the things Taylor has taught him: "Something I learned myself, and learned through watching her, is respect. You just respect everyone's time, everyone that you're working with. They're all there, it's all their lives, and you need to put the work in to be worth that."

Although Austin doesn't post much on Instagram, his posts about Taylor and her work have always been complimentary. For example, for Swift's birthday in 2018, Austin posted a throwback photo. His caption included lovely sentiments, such as: "I have always had a best friend, a role model, and a caring, tireless, dedicated champion in my corner. You have pulled me out of fires and carried me up mountains." Taylor also shared a sweet post for Austin on National Siblings Day in 2020.

The Swift siblings have been at a few Chiefs games together

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have had some great brotherly moments due to their own strong bond. Of course, football is something they bond over — and now that Taylor Swift is dating Travis, she and Austin Swift can bond over it as well. reported that Austin and Taylor attended the Christmas Day 2023 Chiefs game with their parents, Andrea Swift and Scott Swift, and Travis Kelce's father, Ed Kelce. People reported that Austin's girlfriend Sydney Ness was at the Christmas game as well, seemingly wearing a Chiefs sweatshirt that Taylor was given by the Westside Storey boutique.

An insider told that the Swifts, Travis, and Ed spent Christmas at Travis' house post-game. Another source said, "Seeing their families together on such a special holiday was the best gift ever for Taylor. She's never had this happen before and it made the holiday the most meaningful one for her. Her friends think that this is just more proof that Travis is going to be a Swiftie for life."

The Christmas game isn't the only time Austin attended a Chiefs game with his sister. According to People, Austin and Ness were part of Taylor's crowd that attended the Chiefs game on October 1, 2023. Taylor's friends Blake Lively, Robyn Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, and others attended as well. After the game, the group headed to the Zero Bond club in New York.