We're Convinced Taylor Swift Dropped A Big Hint With Her 2024 Golden Globes Dress

Taylor Swift graced the 2024 Golden Globes, proving she can definitely still make the whole place shimmer. Her concert film, "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour," secured a nomination in the new Cinematic and Box Office Achievement category, alongside blockbuster movies like "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer." Despite the fierce Hollywood competition, the most talked-about aspect of Swift's appearance seemed to be her outfit.

Dressed in a dazzling, floor-length Gucci gown in a striking shade of green, reminiscent of a snake, Swift made heads turn and eyebrows raise as she seemingly dropped a big hint with her fashion choice. Known for teasing upcoming projects with subtle nods, we're convinced Swift took the fashion approach to hint at the release of "Reputation (Taylor's Version)."

The notorious snake narrative stemmed from Swift's infamous feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, labeling the singer as the cunning culprit for the drama. However, Swift cleverly embraced the negative symbolism, turning it into somewhat of her own emblem. Notably, in 2017, she teased the initial release of "Reputation" by sharing a video of a snake on X, formerly known as Twitter. Considering her history of dropping enigmatic clues and her past approach to the matter, we're convinced that the reissue of "Reputation" is on the horizon.

Swift's sneaky snake look is too elaborate not to be an Easter egg

Taylor Swift's bold fashion statement at the 2024 Golden Globes not only caused a stir online, it earned the "Blank Space" singer a spot on numerous best-dressed lists. Contrary to her usual red carpet choices, the star opted to pair her flashy dress with matching pointed-toe pumps and subtle diamond jewels. In the past, Swift mostly went for more toned-down outfits, usually choosing either color or texture as the main feature. However, it's quite clear the 2024 Golden Globes got the singer thinking in a different direction, and you can't tell us it's not a part of her "Reputation (Taylor's Version)" era.

The custom Gucci gown featured sequins that resembled the scales of a snake, and the simplicity of the jewelry Swift opted for makes us think she wanted all eyes on the dress. Additionally, the gown had an open back with thin straps, adding to the snake-like aesthetic (look up the green grass snake if you don't believe us).

Swifties went into a frenzy over the ensemble, with many speculating that Swift also wore a snake ring. However, it was just a really big stack of rings topped with a large diamond ring, as clarified by @thethriftyswiftie on TikTok. Even Swift's makeup contributed to the snake theme, featuring a subtle smokey eye with a pronounced upward wing, giving her eyes a, well, very snaky appearance.

The star slithered into 2024's green fashion wave

Not only did Taylor Swift potentially drop a hint about her upcoming album with her green Golden Globes attire, but she also appeared to be setting a fashion trend for 2024. According to astrologer Susan Miller, who discussed how astrology will affect upcoming fashion trends in an exclusive interview with Glam, green is poised to become a major style statement in 2024.

Miller attributes this shift in fashion to the transit of Jupiter through Gemini in 2024, suggesting a departure from the previously dominant black garments. "We're going to get out of [seeing black clothing everywhere], because Gemini is about beautiful yellows and green, like a light [green] — the color of the trees when they just come out," Miller explained. You know what also often comes in green? Snakes.

Swift's connection to this slithering trend takes a full circle as her birth year, 1989, aligns with the Chinese zodiac's Year of the Snake. While Swift hadn't prominently featured the snake symbol before the Kardashian-West controversy, it now seems evident that the feud paved the way for her to fully embrace her zodiac animal. Luckily for us, it also means decoding this latent Easter egg with more ease as we wait for "Reputation (Taylor's Version)" to grace our ears.