The Former Days Of Our Lives Co-Stars Alison Sweeney Is Still Friends With

Sami Brady is easily one of the most controversial yet entertaining characters to have ever appeared on "Days of Our Lives." Portrayed by Alison Sweeney, Sami has been known to cause bouts of chaos in Salem since she was aged up to a teen in 1993. She became a fan favorite throughout her time on the show and saddened fans when she departed "Days" in 2015. However, her time in Salem wasn't done for good since Sweeney has made brief returns as Sami multiple times since leaving her role full-time.

Along with establishing herself as one of the most talented actors in daytime television, Sweeney has also dominated the Hallmark Channel after her appearances in films like the "Murder She Baked" series and "Time for You to Come Home for Christmas." While she's grown close with her castmates on both "Days of Our Lives" and the Hallmark Channel, there are a few soap actors whom she still keeps in contact with; one of them is fellow fan-favorite "Days" actor Kristian Alfonso.

Sweeney has developed a long-lasting friendship with Alfonso

For "Days of Our Lives" actor Alison Sweeney, portraying Sami Brady on the soap was a dream come true, but her role and the lessons learned were not the only things she took away from her time on the show. Sweeney established a lifelong friendship with Kristian Alfonso, who has played Hope Brady on and off since 1983.

In an interview with Remind Magazine, Sweeney opened up about the co-stars she still keeps in touch with. "One of my dear friends is Kristian Alfonso, who plays Hope. She and I are still really good friends," she said.

While there are many reasons why Alfonso and Sweeney bonded on the show, it seems that their loyalty to one another is what keeps their friendship alive. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Alfonso discussed what makes Sweeney such a good friend, saying, "There's a lot of trust, no competition whatsoever, and we only want the best for each other."

Alfonso and Sweeney have worked together on Hallmark

Hollywood is a much smaller world than one might think, and Alison Sweeney and Kristian Alfonso are proof of that. Sweeney has starred in many Hallmark movies over the years, but when the opportunity arose for Alfonso to take on a role in the Chronicle Mysteries series, she jumped at the chance to work with her friend again. In the fifth installment of the series, Sweeney's character Alex is caught up in a murder mystery that Alfonso, as Sheriff Williams, is investigating. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Sweeney explained the "Days" reunion while filming the movie.

"It is a shoutout and a wink and a nod to all the 'Days of Our Lives' fans out there who watched Chronicle Mysteries because we were thinking of [them] when we created [Alfonso's] character and wanted all the 'Days' fans to feel we're saluting them and being grateful to them."

As for the future of their working relationship, Sweeney continued, "Kristian and I hope to work together again soon. But certainly, this was our opportunity to give the fans one more moment between us since we could."