Does Jennifer Garner Star With Her Daughter In A Neutrogena Ad? Here's Who It Really Is

When Jennifer Garner shared a sponsored post promoting Neutrogena on her Instagram in August 2023, fans weren't surprised to see the "13 Going On 30" actor hyping up the skincare brand. Garner has been an ambassador for the company for quite some time, promoting their hyaluronic acid, sleep mask, and SPF-infused moisturizer. Despite having worked with Neutrogena for over 15 years, the celeb still finds ways to keep it fresh and engaging for younger audiences, like her iconic face splash commercial, which she revamped for TikTok.


Happy 15th Anniversary, @Neutrogena! To celebrate and look back on my first splash I went straight for chaos and grandma wet t-shirt contest vibes. Want to give it a try? Make a mess! Have fun! Just please don't be so good that you toss me out of a job that I love! #MakeASplash #NeutrogenaAmbassador

♬ Neutrogena Splash – Neutrogena

So, while her brand-centered post was nothing new, there were two things that viewers just couldn't get over. First, at the time of posting, Garner was a flawless 51-year-old and looked absolutely radiant. If Neutrogena truly is her go-to, we seriously need to consider using this secret fountain-of-youth skincare brand. The second shocker was that she shared the screen with another dewy face who looked like she could easily be Garner's daughter.

The mini-me was actually none other than Jenna Ortega. A well-known star thanks to her role in Netflix's "Wednesday," fans saw her appear in the frame before employing a transition with her hand and suddenly being embraced by Garner. "Oh Jesus, they look like mom and daughter... twins," commented one fan.

Ortega and Garner twinned for the ad

It's likely that longtime fans of both Ortega and Garner instantly recognized the duo wasn't mother and daughter; both women are Hollywood icons in their own right. But the ad's producers and its actors definitely didn't miss the opportunity to highlight just how similar the celebs are. "They have the same haircut!! So cute!" commented one user. And it's true – Garner and Ortega sport the same middle-part shoulder-length hairstyle with curtain bangs.

The women also went for a minimal makeup, fresh-faced look and wore collared button-up shirts — though Garner paired hers with a blazer while Ortega left hers casually unbuttoned overtop a camisole. It's also hard to miss their matching dimples, a natural feature that didn't need to be played up for the camera. When both women hug one another at the end of the reel, the faux mother-daughter moment cemented their uncanny resemblance.

Commenters were quick to suggest that a movie starring Garner and Ortega together now seems like a must. The "Scream" actor has a very different career vibe than the romantic-comedy star Garner, making it unlikely they'll pair up for a movie anytime soon. Nevertheless, we loved the unexpected celebrity doppelganger moment!

Garner does have a daughter

Even though we didn't get to see her in the ad, Jennifer Garner does have a daughter in real life. She and her ex, Ben Affleck, welcomed Violet Affleck in 2005. The first of their three children, Violet, like her siblings, has largely grown up out of the spotlight. Garner and Affleck did their best to shield their kids from the media and make their upbringing as normal as possible.

Still, we do get occasional glimpses of Violet out and about with her parents. At a State Dinner in December 2022, hosted by President Biden and his wife Jill Biden, Garner shocked fans again by bringing Violet, who looked incredibly grown up and sophisticated — not to mention almost exactly like her mom. Fans again called out the similarities between mother and daughter when a photo was shared on X, formerly Twitter, of Violet with her dad and his wife, Jennifer Lopez. "Ben Affleck's daughter is LITERALLY her mother's (Jennifer Garner) twin," the caption read.

Whether twinning with her real daughter, Violet, or surprising us with her doppelganger, Jenna Ortega, we love to catch glimpses of the "Yes Day" actor supporting and having fun with the other amazing women in her life.