Kate's Birthday Tribute From King Charles Nods To Their Behind-The-Scenes Bond

Catherine, Princess of Wales, has turned 42, and the Royal Family's social media pages have given her a sweet shout-out with a photo of Kate and King Charles III behind the scenes at his coronation. The image shows off her striking outfit, reminding us why Kate was voted the best dressed at the coronation.

It included the same message from the royal family's 2023 post for Kate's birthday: "Wishing The Princess of Wales a very happy birthday today!" Both posts feature Kate flashing her trademark mega-watt smile. But this year, King Charles III is included in her photo, which could be seen as a clear message of family unity and the confirmation of the close relationship between Kate and King Charles. Also in the photo are Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, and Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh. While Kate has said in the past that she's still learning to be royal, this photo shows that she's very much found her way and is an integral part of the royal family.

Bells rang out in London for Kate Middleton's birthday

Catherine, Princess of Wales, is frequently photographed as she carries out her royal visits and other duties, and it's notable that the royal family chose to wish her a happy birthday with a photo of her wearing royal regalia at the coronation. It seems to highlight her position as the next queen consort for Britain.

People filled the comments with well-wishes for Kate's birthday, and they weren't alone. Kate's birthday day was celebrated in London with bells ringing out from Westminster Abbey — on the church's X page, they posted a video of the joyful chorus for those who couldn't see it in person, writing, "Our bell ringers are ringing 542 changes of Stedman Caters followed by a course of Sgurr A'Chaorachain Surprise Royal."

Along with the online shout-out, Kate might get a phone call from her in-laws, but she won't see them on her birthday. King Charles III and Queen Camilla are spending January in Scotland, while Kate, her husband William, Prince of Wales, and their three kids are reportedly back in Windsor for her birthday, and she's undoubtedly celebrating with them. In previous years, and before the pandemic, Kate and William have hosted friends and family for a country weekend to coincide with her birthday. Whatever she's done to celebrate, we hope it was a lovely day!