Ivanka Trump Posts Cryptic Poem Amid Donald's Return To Court: 'Embrace Every Emotion'

Like so many of us, Ivanka Trump's social media feed is full of celebratory moments with family and friends. Though, unlike the rest of us, Ivanka's friends include Kim Kardashian. But Ivanka also doesn't seem to be above using Instagram to share a cryptic message that leaves people guessing at a hidden meaning. On January 9, Ivanka shared an English translation of "The Guest House," a poem by Jalaluddin Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet. Ivanka left a note above the poem that said, "embrace every emotion as a guest in the house of your heart, for each brings its own lessons and transformation."

There are no accompanying details as to what may have inspired Ivanka to post the poem, which talks about being grateful for hard times and difficult emotions, including "a depression, a meanness," and "the dark thought, the shame, the malice." But it could lead some to think that the former first daughter is working through some challenging feelings, particularly considering the timing of the post in relation to her father, Donald Trump's ongoing court cases. It was posted on the day that her father listened in court as appeals court judges deliberated over whether or not Donald has immunity from charges that he plotted to overturn the 2020 election, and it was just a few days before Donald is set to return to court in New York for closing arguments in the civil fraud case against him and his company.

Ivanka Trump could just be sharing a poem she liked

The day before Ivanka Trump posted the Rumi poem to her Stories, Ivanka posted an appreciation post about Jared Kushner that some people felt was particularly out of touch — it was about how people shouldn't complain about challenges but should just work through them like he does. So, it could be that the poem reflected some of the emotions she was feeling after the online backlash over the post about her husband. The poem could also just be a lesson about gratitude and the human condition that resonated with Ivanka at the moment that she wanted to share with people. Rumi seems to be a favorite of the Trump sisters; Ivanka posted an excerpt of "A Great Wagon" on X, formerly known as Twitter, in 2020, and Tiffany posted a quote from Rumi about self-love in 2019 on her Instagram Story. Whatever the reason Ivanka shared the poem, the message of accepting all of your emotions is a good one for us all.

Ivanka doesn't have as much of a vested interest in the outcome of the New York fraud civil case that is wrapping up since she was removed from the defendants' list in the trial in June 2023, so the proposed $350 million fine and the ban on being head of a company in New York wouldn't apply to her, just her father and older brothers. She was still required to testify about her father and the Trump Organization and the level of culpability they had over allegedly creating fraudulent financial documents that were used to get beneficial loan and insurance terms.