Brooke Schofield And Matt Rife's Breakup Was Messier Than We Knew

In late 2023, Matt Rife became the center of many conversations but not for the reasons he may have wanted. His controversies made him a hot topic in the entertainment world. However, a domestic violence joke, beef with a 6-year-old, and a joke apology didn't deter Rife's supporters. YouTuber Brooke Schofield was one of his defenders.

In June 2023, Rife appeared on the podcast "Cancelled With Tana Mongeau," which Schofield co-hosts. The episode is — now ironically — titled "Matt Rife on Why He'll Never Be Cancelled." Mongeau, Rife, and Schofield sat down to talk about various topics, including cancellations, and his comedy and fans. Because of this podcast appearance, on the episode "Matt Rife is CANCELLED ... again," Mongeau and Schofield discussed being associated with his cancellation.

They didn't defend or condemn Rife. Instead, they took a safe, more neutral stand on the events involving the "Natural Selection" star. Schofield did, however, remark that she didn't want comedians canceled for their jokes. Only a week later — again on "Cancelled With Tana Mongeau" — she shared a less-filtered account of her experience with the comedian. Rife and Schofield had a romantic relationship. Things ended on good terms, but later, she discovered that he was seeing multiple women during their romance.

Brooke Schofield joined a group chat with Matt Rife's other exes

In the episode of "Cancelled With Tana Mongeau" titled "How Tana Lost Her Tooth in Hawaii," Brooke Schofield disclosed that Matt Rife was Mr. D.C. This is the alias she gave him when speaking about him on her podcast. While dating, she occasionally shared antidotes about their relationship, including that they lived close to each other in Los Angeles and an unfortunate face-tuned incident.

Schofield found out about Rife's other relationships when someone tagged her on a TikTok slideshow of Rife with another woman. The YouTuber then messaged the mystery lady. Immediately, the woman added Schofield to a group chat with other women who had dated the rising comedian. They compared notes and realized they were all dating him at the same time.

"I wouldn't say he was like, my ex or anything because it wasn't like this serious relationship but like, it was more like — I wasn't just hooking up with him ... I really liked him," clarified the YouTuber about their relationship status. According to her, however, Rife insinuated that they were heading toward a serious relationship by love bombing her. He also didn't want her talking to other men, including her guy friends. But this wasn't Rife's only mishap during their romance. He went on the "Stiff Socks" podcast and described his dream girl. He described a girl that was the opposite of Schofield.

Matt Rife blocked Brooke Schofield's phone number

Brooke Schofield tried to text Matt Rife after discovering the other women he was dating. She wanted to get his side of things. However, the podcast host realized that he had blocked her number. On "Cancelled With Tana Mongeau," Schofield tried to offer Rife the benefit of the doubt by saying maybe he did this to avoid sabotaging his relationship. He could have blocked other women he used to date to respect his new girlfriend. Rife is currently dating actress Jessica Lord. They allegedly began dating right after things ended with Schofield.

He eventually unblocked Schofield. She shared Instagram photos showing a text exchange between Rife and herself. He wrote, "Brooke, this is MR," and Schofield responded with a link to special needs helmets. This was a callback to his apology to those offended by his domestic violence joke. In November 2023, Rife wrote on his Instagram Story, "If you've ever been offended by a joke I've told — here's a link to my official apology" and linked a website selling special needs helmets. In a vlog from January 2024 on Schofield's YouTube account, she briefly alluded to Rife as one of her bad flings from 2023. Schofield set a goal to have a healthy relationship in 2024.