What Life Is Like For Former Bachelor Peter Weber Now

Peter Weber began his journey with Bachelor Nation when he became a contestant on Hannah Brown's season of "The Bachelorette." Weber, noted for his sweet demeanor, charm, impressive career, and good looks, became a fan favorite that season, and after making it to the final three men, he was eliminated. Fortune was on Weber's side, though, because soon after "The Bachelorette" Season 15 ended, he was announced as the next lead for "The Bachelor." Though the love he found on his season did not last, his place in Bachelor Nation sure has. 

Weber's season of "The Bachelor" aired during the first few months of 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began. This without question shaped his post-Bachelor era. While other leads often take advantage of career opportunities that come their way following their stint in Bachelor Nation, Weber's opportunities were few and far between due to safety restrictions and shutdowns. However, thanks to social media, fans were still able to keep tabs on Weber, and years after his journey to find love aired on ABC, the reality star is still as open as ever about his life after the final rose. Here's what life is like now for former Bachelor Peter Weber.

Peter Weber returned to flying planes

Peter Weber didn't earn the nickname Pilot Pete for nothing. According to his father, Weber has always been drawn to the world of aviation. "He was exactly like I was growing up. He was always interested in airplanes, right from the start, he just pursued it, just like I did," Weber's dad said of his son in a video posted to Instagram. Now, in his post-Bachelor era, Weber has returned to the career he had prior to joining the hit reality franchise, flying planes for United Airlines. Weber's career has taken him across the world to locations like Tel Aviv and Denver.

In 2022, Weber flew with his father for the last flight of his father's career. United Airlines documented the emotional occasion in the aforementioned Instagram video. "Ladies and gentlemen, today is a very special flight for us here at United Airlines. Our captain today is my hero and someone I've looked up to my entire life — my dad. I have the honor of serving as his first officer on his retirement flight today. This will be the most special flight of my career," Weber said to the passengers. Later that year, United Airlines became a family business for the former Bachelor as his brother was hired as a pilot for the company, too.

He and Kelley Flanagan broke up again

While it seems like every season of "The Bachelor" promises to be the "most dramatic season yet" no matter how dramatic it actually might be, Peter Weber's season really did live up to the hype. The lead broke up with contestant Madison Prewett over differences in values surrounding premarital sex and instead proposed to contestant Hannah Ann Sluss. Weber then broke off his engagement with Sluss to pursue Prewett, only to break up with Prewett, too. After his season aired, he went on to date another contestant from his season, Kelley Flanagan. Weber and Flanagan went on to have an on-again, off-again relationship, breaking up seemingly for good in 2023.

When Weber and Flanagan split, the former couple didn't make a formal announcement. Rather, Weber alluded to the end of their relationship while chatting with an esthetician for an Instagram video at a convention in Calgary in April 2023. When the esthetician said something about his "future wife," he replied, "I've still gotta find her." The esthetician told her Calgary-based followers that Weber is in town and not in a relationship, Weber stated, "I am. First time here."

Flanagan has moved on from the former Bachelor. Just over a month after Weber acknowledged their breakup in that Instagram video, Flanagan posted a photo of herself with her new boyfriend on social media. And judging by the Instagram post's comment section, Flanagan's mother is particularly excited for her daughter. "Great looking couple! Best of the lot! Guy of my dreams for my daughter," Flanagan's mother said. As of this writing, the couple is still together.

Peter Weber joined the cast of another reality show

It's one thing to get a foot in the door of Bachelor Nation. Taking on a totally different reality TV franchise is another ball game. In 2023, Peter Weber joined the cast of Peacock's reality competition series "The Traitors" at the last minute. Just a week before the second season of the Alan Cumming-hosted show began filming in September of that year, Weber was invited to the fray. While he hadn't watched it prior to accepting the offer, once he saw the first season, Weber was excited. "For me, honestly, it's just short and simple: I feel this game looked fun as hell. It's obviously like a real-life game of Clue. I'd always wanted to do a cool, fun competition show, and being very competitive, this was right up my alley," Weber said in interview with Parade. Weber followed in the footsteps of another former Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk Jr., who was the lead of "The Bachelor" Season 22, was a contestant on "The Traitors" in its first season.

The experience must have been positive for Weber because he is open to the idea of being on another reality TV show in the future. "Honestly, the scarier, the crazier, the better for me. I love being uncomfortable. I love pushing myself, especially with this kind of show. I always want to do something like 'Fear Factor' or 'Amazing Race,'" Weber said.

Peter Weber is an influencer

It's a well-known phenomenon in Bachelor Nation that many "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants go on to become well-paid influencers. While some outlets have reported that it's no longer a certainty that contestants will leave Bachelor Mansion with sponsorships and collaborations lined up, people like Peter Weber were able to secure income opportunities through social media when the frenzy was at its height, and it's remained lucrative for him since. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Weber has a far reach, and several businesses have tapped him for paid content.

In early 2023, Weber promoted NordicTrack on his Instagram page, showing off the brand's treadmill. Back in 2021, Weber was paid by Grubhub to post about the food delivery company's services. That same year, Weber worked with the brand Nutrafol to advertise its hair-growth products. The former Bachelor has worked with multiple other brands in the past, too. While it's hard to guess exactly how much Weber earns from his partnerships with these brands, some estimate that former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants-turned-influencers make as much as $1 million or more per year just from posting sponsored content to Instagram. Between that and his potential $150,000 salary as a pilot, Weber is seemingly doing well financially.

Travel is a huge part of Peter Weber's life

Peter Weber travels often for work (it's literally his job to bring people all over the world), but he's also been able to travel as a passenger on planes rather than just the pilot. Weber jetted to multiple exotic locations as the Bachelor — his season of the show took him to Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, and Australia — and he's visited plenty of cool places since. Weber ended 2023 with a trip to the Bahamas, he visited the Adirondacks with his family in July of that same year, and the year prior he made his way to Germany.

Weber has also gotten the opportunity to travel as an influencer. As previously noted, the reality star is earning plenty of side income through his social media work, and he's turned his love of exploring other cities into a side hustle by working with different travel brands. In 2023, Weber announced on Instagram that he'd be hosting a group trip to Thailand in 2024 through TrovaTrip, and in 2022, Weber served as an ambassador of Intrepid Travel. Through his work with the latter company, the former Bachelor was able to take a summer trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. "Sometimes the world just takes your breath away," Weber said on Instagram of his trip to the Rushmore State.

He stays focused on his fitness

Peter Weber is passionate about working out. Since his turn on "The Bachelor," the reality star has remained committed to his exercise regimen, and one of his main forms is running. In 2021, Weber became one of the 1.2 million people in history who have completed the New York City Marathon. "Running the NYC Marathon was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I had no idea what to expect but I am so damn happy I did it. There is literally nothing you can't accomplish in this life if you put your mind to it and decide to never give up," Weber said on Instagram after finishing the famed race. In 2023, Weber put his paws to the pavement again for the United Airlines-sponsored New York City Half Marathon.

Because health and fitness are important matters to Weber, the reality star has worked with brands in the wellness space. As previously noted, Weber has worked with NordicTrack, and he's also posted advertisements for Signos Health, a health and weight-loss app, to his social media. "I've always been interested in monitoring my health and learning how to make better choices to improve it!" Weber said on one of his paid Instagram posts.

Peter Weber has other cool career opportunities

In addition to making money as an influencer thanks to his time on "The Bachelor," Peter Weber has also racked up a number of unique opportunities over the years, especially in the movie world. In early 2023, Weber got to meet and interview actors Gerard Butler and Mike Colter, the stars of the movie "Plane." Later that year, Weber attended the New York City premiere of the Jennifer Lawrence film "No Hard Feelings." The year prior, Weber and his father attended the premiere of the film "Top Gun: Maverick," and the two pilots snapped a picture with the film's star, Tom Cruise. "My thoughts on Top Gun: Maverick....Epic, Nostalgic, Romantic, Epic," Weber said of the flick on Instagram.

Not all of Weber's cool opportunities have been film-related, though. In 2023, the reality star was not only invited to the Super Bowl, but thanks to his collaboration with Visa's NFL Extra Points, he got to meet players and attend immersive events before the game. Weber is also an ambassador for the Seattle Seahawks, and he's gotten to attend games, watch from the sidelines, hang out with the Seahawks mascot, and watch the players prepare during preseason as part of his role with the team.

He gave stand-up comedy a try

In early 2021, Peter Weber became a New York City resident, and he seemed to take to the city like a duck to water. "One year in NYC. Best damn year of my life," Weber said on Instagram in January 2022. Living in New York City allowed Weber to make Newark Airport his home base as a pilot, and much to the pleasure of Bachelor Nation members, he moved in with Dustin Kendrick. Weber and Kendrick met on Hannah Brown's season of "The Bachelorette." 

But hanging out with his new roommate and flying planes isn't all Weber has been doing in New York City. In 2023, the reality star tried his hand at another form of entertainment: stand-up comedy. "First comedy show tonight. Do I have any idea what I'm doing? Absolutely not, but that's okay because we're gonna have some fun," Weber said on social media ahead of his set, as reported on the podcast "Bachelor Rush Hour with David Neal." Weber didn't post any clips from his set to his permanent feed on social media, but he received lots of support for his set via Instagram, particularly from his parents. "What a Night!!! You crushed it!!" Weber's mother commented. "Fantastic night Bud, you nailed it," Weber's dad said.

Peter Weber is still close with his parents

Peter Weber has always been close with his parents. During his time on "The Bachelor," Peter's mother, Barb Weber, pulled zero punches when it came to sharing her thoughts on her son's relationships. Barb clearly stated that she wished to see Peter with Hannah Ann Sluss rather than Madison Prewett, and she reportedly remained vocal while Peter was dating Kelley Flanagan. "Barb was very involved and expected to be a major priority within Peter and Kelley's relationship," a source said to Entertainment Tonight of Barb's influence over Peter and Flanagan's relationship.

Despite whatever went down between Barb, Flanagan, and Peter, the reality star is still close with his parents. In December 2023, Barb posted a photo to Instagram of her family on a cruise. "Family Time is the Best Time," Barb said of their reunion. Later that month, Peter posted a video of himself landing in Los Angeles and greeting Barb with a hug. "Got to fly the 787-10 into LAX today just in time for my Mom's birthday! Thank you crew scheduling," Peter said. Peter is also close with his dad, and they spend quite a bit of time together. "I call my hero 'Dad,'" Peter captioned a photo of himself with his father during summer 2023.

He published a kids' book

Jet-setting all over the globe and attending A-list events sure keep a guy busy, but evidently, Peter Weber wasn't too busy to write a children's book. Yes, "The Bachelor" star and pilot is now a published author, too. 

"'The Adventures of Pilot Pete' tells the story of my first love, Aviation. I wrote this book to inspire children to chase their dreams no matter how big and never stop till they achieve them!" Weber said on Instagram of his book. "The Adventures of Pilot Pete," which was released in November 2021, follows Weber's own story, showing that flying planes was a lifelong dream of his that he worked to achieve.

Weber didn't let his accomplishment go without celebration. Upon its publication, Weber partied with his family and friends. Alongside an Instagram carousel of photos from the evening, the multi-hyphenate wrote, "It was a night to remember... so thankful for everyone that joined me in celebrating the launch of my first children's book, The Adventures of Pilot Pete! I hope this book inspires whoever reads it!"

Peter Weber is still very much a part of Bachelor Nation

Although it expands every year — and now spans several generations thanks to the addition of "The Golden Bachelor" — Bachelor Nation is an exclusive club, and most of its members remain actively involved whether through the show or by associating with other members. In addition to launching the now-defunct "Bachelors in The City" podcast with fellow "Bachelorette" alum and roommate Dustin Kendrick in 2021, Weber has served as a guest on some other Bachelor Nation podcasts. In 2022, he chatted with Jason Tartick on an episode of "Trading Secrets" about how his time on "The Bachelor" almost didn't come to be. He's been on Nick Viall's show, "The Viall Files." He stopped by "The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast." And the list goes on. 

In addition to keeping in touch with other Bachelor Nation members, Weber is also still fond of former host, Chris Harrison. When Harrison left the show, Weber took to Instagram to pay tribute to Harrison's contributions to the franchise. "End of an era right here ... Thank you Chris for your mentorship and for having an impact on so many. The show will never be the same but that's only a testament to you. Can't wait to see what you do next my friend!" Weber said. Weber, however, is no longer romantically linked to anyone from Bachelor Nation.