What Really Happened Between Leuh And Justin After MTV's Catfish?

Since its debut in 2012, "Catfish: The TV Show" has followed the journey of numerous relationship hopefuls looking to uncover the truth about their online interests. While the show has unfortunately had to break the news that many of the online lovers are indeed "catfishing," or pretending to be someone else, there have been several instances of hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, who was later replaced by Kamie Crawford, actually uniting people who have only spoken over the internet. One of these cases was the Season 5 love story of Leuh Terrigino and Justin Croom, which aired in March 2016.

In a familiar "Catfish" tale, Croom and Terrigino initially crossed paths on Instagram, sparking a connection that eventually blossomed offline. While they'd finally begin talking on the phone, Terrigino became suspicious after Croom refused to video chat with her. Eventually, the hosts helped Terrigino fly from New York to confront Croom in California. To everyone's surprise, he was exactly who he portrayed himself to be online. However, he did admit on the series that he was in a relationship with another woman, which caused him to ghost Terrigino and even the "Catfish" hosts since he had no interest in appearing on the show. By the time Terrigino met Croom, he was single, and all was forgiven. After filming ended, it seems that Croom and Terrigino were a "Catfish" success story, though once in the real world, the couple went through several changes.

Leuh relocated to California permanently

While many "Catfish" couples can't go the distance once the cameras stop rolling, Leuh Terrigino and Justin Croom seemed to give it a shot. In May 2016, she even relocated from Rochester, New York, to Huntington Beach, California, to be closer to Croom. She shared her news with invested "Catfish" fans on her now-private social media platforms. The pair also shared several milestones in their relationship, such as their anniversary.

It seems that Terrigino may have had high hopes even before she made her big move. During their "Catfish" episode, Croom joked that he and Terrigino would hash out their differences "once at the wedding." He once again alluded to a possible wedding, telling the hosts that they'd be invited to witness the nuptials. "You guys would be the first 'Catfish' wedding — we're always hoping for it," Nev Schulman excitedly said. Sadly, the couple never made it down the aisle. Instead, they parted ways just months later.

Leuh and Justin broke up the same year she moved to SoCal

Once Leuh Terrigino relocated to be closer to Justin Croom, things seemed to go bad for the pair. Later in 2016, Terrigino announced that she and the surfer were split up. "I've learned so much in this past year. But most importantly is that you can't turn an internet man slut into a boyfriend," Terrigino shared in a bold tweet. She did not go into intimate details regarding why she chose to end things. Terrigino decided to make her Twitter private, so any further thoughts on Croom are unknown.

As of 2023, Terrigino has both her Twitter and Instagram under lock and key. Croom's Twitter doesn't appear to have been updated since 2018, and his once-active Facebook profile has now been scrapped. It's unknown if either is in a new relationship or if they've maintained a friendship. Either way, the "Catfish" duo of Terrigino and Croom briefly joined the ranks of several lovers who remained together after the popular show.